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Quint lands the big bitch of casting news! Wait till you hear who is Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... This frickin rules! I mean, awesome! Quint and I have been trying to find out which Sherlock Holmes project this has been for months, and now he broke it! Awesome! I'm dying to see this script. A film about the Baker Street Irregulars, this could kick a lot of ass and with that Holmes and that Moriarty... WOW... This can't get here soon enough!

Ahoy squirts! The crustiest seaman of them all, the one and only Quint, here from LA. I've been snooping around town recently, up to no good, as usual, and today I stumbled upon some damn cool news.

Back in November I visited the set of Robert Altman's The Company, starring Neve Campbell and Malcolm McDowell. I swear, some day soon I'll write up my adventures out there, but until that day I have this little bit of news.

During lunch on the second day of my set visit, I was eating about 4 seats down from Malcolm McDowell and overheard him talking to some of the dancers from the movie. They asked what he had lined up and his response was, "I just signed to do a film where I play Sherlock Holmes against Christopher Lee as Moriarty." My ears perked up and I think I popped instant wood when I heard him say that.

Unfortunately, I had no film title to work with and have been on the lookout for more information on this project ever since. Today, in dreary, rainy LA I found out more. The film is called BAKER STREET IRREGULARS. It's a dramatisation of the kids that were the secret army of Sherlock Holmes. THe film will be shot on location in Bucharest. Towers of London Group is producing.

Can you imagine that? Christopher Lee's Moriarty can't be any less than genius. I, for one, am salivating already. Here's hoping they get a talented director. God knows they got the right cast.

Anyway, I'll be back in the next few days to let you folks in on my secret mission out here in LA. 'Til that day, this is Quint bidding you all a fond farewell and adieu.


email: Extra credit geek points go to the one who can tell me when Malcolm McDowell has played Sherlock Holmes before... Be careful... this one's a bit tricky!!!

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