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Hey, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab.

Wow. I gotta say, this is a pretty cool bit of casting news. Right now, AB King is no doubt frantically calling Moviephone to try and order tickets for a film that has only been shooting for a few weeks. And why? Well, VARIETY broke the story that Sylvester Stallone will be playing the main villain in SPY KIDS 3-D: GAME OVER. Here’s what they said:

”The action hero's character is a longtime nemesis of the sleuthing Cortez family who traps the young heroine Carmen (Alexa Vega) in a warped virtual-reality game. Vega, Antonio Banderas and Daryl Sabara will be returning to the third picture, as will helmer Robert Rodriguez. Co-star Carla Gugino, who played Banderas' wife, Ingrid Cortez, in the first two pics, is said to be in advanced negotiations to return for 3-D. ‘I've always been a big fan of Sylvester Stallone,’ Rodriguez said. ‘His larger-than-life persona will be a great addition to the SPY KIDS 3-D universe.’"

I still can’t believe the pace that Rodriguez sets for himself on these things. Part 2 is out on DVD a week from today, and the third one’s going to be in theaters in July. Now let’s just get Robert to set a release date for ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO, eh?

"Moriarty" out.

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