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A FREAKY FRIDAY Remake Review!!

Hey, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab.

Lindsey Lohan is now officially the queen of Disney live-action remakes. She did THE PARENT TRAP, she’s in the new FREAKY FRIDAY, and if there’s any justice, she’ll end up toplining ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN when they rework it for the third time.

And how is this newest twist on the body switch genre?

Howdy, I had a chance to check out Disney's remake of Freaky Friday recently with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsey Lohan. I think this must be the first time a audience has seen it, since the screening was held at Frank Wells Theatre at Disney Studios. A pretty small theatre, really, with the last two rows taped off for the suits and the director, etc. Some of the music and credits were temp and the print needed some cleaning up, but it seemed to be mostly finished. The release date seems to be somewhere around August, so some major things could be changed....

I never saw the original film with Jodie Foster and I never read the book, so this is gonna be a review with no comparisons, which is probably best. Jamie Lee Curtis plays Tess, a busy psychiatrist whose life is focused on her work and her upcoming marriage to Ryan played by Mark Harmon. Her teenage daughter Anna, played by Lindsey Lohan of The Parent Trap fame, is your typical 15-year old. Rebellious, argumentative and not happy about her mom's marriage to Ryan. Anna loves playing electric guitar and her friends have kind of a punk rock band thing going in her garage, and her music is the one thing she care's about except a greasy haired loner at school with the inventive name of Jake.

When the band's big break comes with a chance to play at The House of Blues on sunset, there's only one problem, It's on the same night as the rehearsal for her mother's wedding, an event that can hardly be blown off. When Anna asks Tess if she can go to The House of Blues to play while dining at a local Chinese eatery, a huge argument erupts. Attracting the attention of an older Chinese lady who works(owns?) at the restaurant, the chinese lady offers some assistance in the form of two fortune cookies. Tess and Anna take the cookies just to get rid of the chinese lady. When they bust open their cookies to read the fortune inside, a earthquake starts, yet when they get back to their table, no one else seemed to notice.


The next morning the most amazing thing happens....Tess wakes up, only to find herself in Anna's body and vica versa. Are they dreaming? Will they be stuck like this? Will they be cured before the wedding the next day? Will Tess as Anna fumble around school? Will Anna as Tess go to work as a psychiatrist knowing absolutely nothing? Will Tess as Anna find herself at the The House of Blues with no knowledge of playing guitar? Will Anna as Tess find herself in awkward scenes with Ryan? Will Tess as Anna find herself in awkward scenes with Jake? These answers and more will be available come next August.

If I sound like I wasn't thrilled by the film, well....It's obviously not my thing. It's a cute movie and it's fun and I'm sure the prime demographic for the movie will love it but it is what it is. Like Disney's other recent remake, The Parent Trap, it's probably better than it should be, a competent family movie with enough laughs and heart to make it stand out as a late summer entry. Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsey Lohan both played their parts really well. Curtis was loose and funny and it's nice to see her in a role that doesn't involve a easy payday for starring in yet another Halloween crapfest. Lindsey Lohan was also good and seems to be setting up a nice, little niche for herself in Disney remakes. Interestingly, looking at the IMDB, her next film seems to be none other that The Amazing Spider-Man playing Lara Carter. Mark Harmon, forever known to me as Mr. Freddy Shoop, is in a pretty thankless role but gets the job done. Special notice must be paid to some of the best laughs in the film, which were the result of Grandpa and Harry, Tess's dad and young son, played by Harold Gould and Ryan Malgarini, respectively. They have this odd couple type chemistry going on in the sidelines and it's hilarious and it also makes for a funny ending scene. Not really a movie that sets itself up for serious analysis, if your in the mood for a non-threatning, funny movie or if you have kids, this should be a movie you'll want to seek out come August or whatever date Disney decides on.

Maximillian Overdrive if you print this...

Thanks, buddy. I appreciate it.

"Moriarty" out.

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