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SPY kids 3D: GAME OVER -- that's right a third film in a series in 3-D!!!

Hey folks... hey kids... hey everybody, Harry here. Has the mailman brought you this day's issue of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY yet? No? Well when it does get here, you're likely to find a rather amusing revelation about the 3rd and final SPY KIDS feature film directed by Robert Rodriguez. The first film was a kids spy film. The second was a kids fantasy Harryhausen film. This third one will be science fiction kids film.

Now my spies at Entertainment Weekly tell me that Robert Rodriguez's 3rd Spy Kids film will be called SPY kids 3D: GAME OVER. Robert will be shooting the final installment with James Cameron's High Definition 3D camera that he just finished using on the GHOST OF THE ABYSS Titanic IMAX project. Instantly upon getting the drop on the story I sent Quint with a camera to the TROUBLEMAKER STUDIOS lot to get proof of this film coming at ya. And lo and behold, there's Antonio wearing the 3D glasses that are used in the film. Although, Quint's covert skills leave much to be desired. Screaming out "CHEESE" before taking the picture... Smoooooth...

Now as far as I can put together through various inebriated sources, the film is going to be a TRON/MATRIX/GIANT ROBOT film that takes place in a virtual world that some evil genius has constructed that inevitably will somehow be tied to taking over the world. If only Rodriguez could get Warner Brothers to loan him PINKY & THE BRAIN for villains. Although, he's done pretty good so far with mad geniuses Alan Cummings, Steve Buscemi... and who'll be the third one? Harvey Keitel? William Shatner? (Can you imagine Granpa Montalban showing down against a wacko evil genius played by Shatner? That'd rule hardcore! And this time KHAN WOULD WIN!!!) ummm... George Clooney? (oh wait, he's the head of the whole spy thing. Hmmm) Well, Johnny Depp has entered the Rodriguez Cinematic Family, as has Willem Dafoe and Mickey Rourke... Seeing either of those guys as a threatening bad guy in this would rule! Let's see, Rodriguez is known to have hung out and talked films with Russell Crowe, Sylvester Stallone and Me? Could I be the evil Cyber villain in SPY KIDS 3D? I mean, I certainly am a very dimensional personality and physical presence. And in the cyberworld I could float around like that glorious flying fatman from DUNE, and then I could pull Juni's heartplug and... Oh wait, that wouldn't work in a kid's film. Shucks.

When I called up Rodriguez to ask if SPY kids 3D: GAME OVER was the title of the next Spy Kids film, he just began giggling at me and told me to read Entertainment Weekly tomorrow. I then asked him if it was going to be in 3D and he told me to read E.W. tomorrow. And then when I said, "Ok, hypothetically speaking, if SPY KIDS 3 is being shot in 3D, would you be using that wicked cool new technology that James Cameron thunked up?" Robert, knowing that I had outfoxed him, dodged the question saying that it'd be "KILLLLEEEERRRRR" to play with James' toys. Folks, Rodriguez is shooting this in 3D, he may be playing coy, but he only plays coy when he knows I'm right on him on something. I called some ol buddies that work on Rodriguez's films and they said that it is indeed 3D and that everybody is in this film. Apparently everyone that has ever been in a SPY KIDS film will be back... Does that mean Louis Black will be back? We can only hope and pray!

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