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The latest on Snake Plissken!

Hey folks, Harry here with the latest on Snake Plissken. Production IG is indeed doing the animation on Snake, and the first place that you'll get a gander at Snake all anime looking is on the upcoming ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Dvd... you may notice that Target and other chains are beginning to blow out their old EFNY dvds - because they now the new one is coming, and the new one will give us a look at what Snake is up to. I've heard that the anime will have the voices of several cool actors (I'm working on it) so hopefully Production IG will do a real bang up job on it!


I'm not sure if this is new news, but it was news to me.

I was at the Creation Convention last weekend in Pasadena and on Friday I saw a panel for Snake Plissken. On the panel was Debra Hill, the Hurricane Comic guys, two people from Maverick, the writers of the Snake Plissken anime and two people from Production IG.

Escape from New York is one of my favorite movies, so I was already excited about Snake making a comeback, but I hadn't heard who was making the anime until now. Production IG, the people who made Ghost in the Shell are making the Snake anime! How cool is that? The woman from Production IG said that not only are they working on it, but this would actually be the first co-production between a Japanese anime studio and American producers. I'm guessing that's what the guys from Maverick were doing there. They said they were looking for a 2005 release and that everyone was very excited.

Debra Hill said that different Snake stories would be told through different mediums. The anime will take place after Escape from LA, while the comic will start the day after Escape from New York. Stories like how Snake lost his eye and the Battle of Leningrad will come out in the videogame. She also said that Fabian Nicieza is writing the books.

It's great to see some producers in Hollywood working so closely with people on the comic and anime side. First the Wachowski brothers with the Animatrix and now this. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a trend.

I hope this is useful.

You can call me Jimmy James.

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