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That first non-Disney PIXAR film... it's about a Mouse!!!

Harry here... How much do I love Pixar? I can't even begin to calculate it. They make films that fill me with glee and wonder, they make films to watch with my nephew, my friends and with audiences that cheer, laugh and cry. Listening to the way Eisner and the executives at Disney treat Pixar... well, it just chaps my hide.

Over at BusinessWeek.Com in their issue due to hit February 10th, they detail the current state of the rocky relationship between Disney and Pixar... or Michael Eisner and Steve Jobs. Now, personally I don't give two shakes of a celery stalk about the business entanglements, I just care about Pixar and their ability to continue to make films that spread such wonder. I know amongst my friends and film co-horts there is a feeling of endless imagination and wonder at PIXAR. That they have discovered the secret to storytelling, and frankly it is hard to disagree with that concept. Thus far... they are perfect.

What interested me most in this article is the tiny bits of details about the 1st NON-Disney stamped film. I've heard that PIXAR is determined to produce at least one film outside of a deal with a studio. To sort of SHOW THE WORLD what they can do. And it seems this'll be that film. The irony that the first non-Disney PIXAR film will be about a MOUSE... heh... Well, it is akin to Jeffrey doing SHREK, to exorcise a certain amount of demons. The article says that the lead character will be a mouse that lives in an upscale restaurant. That's it. That's all we know. All the details that they've let... squeek out. But you know what. It's PIXAR and that one sentence... well it makes me wonder.

Is it a story of a bachelor mouse that is living the life of Riley in an upscale Restaurant, secure in his ways. Because it is his place and he's the only mouse in the house, life is good, there are no traps, no poisons... Do a gang of uncouth mice enter the picture to muscle in on his action, throwing his life into disarray? Or is their an orphan family of mice that he's then asked to look out for? Or maybe Jeff Goldblum's character from INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS shows up to discover that a caper is not a caper but essence de raton. And exterminators come... I don't know... whatever the story is, I do know this... it'll be better than anything I can imagine, because that is what Pixar does and they do it better than any other place on the planet.

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