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Paramount to Pull THE CORE Trailers Due To Shuttle Disaster

Hey folks, Harry here... Well, at 9-11 we lost the SPIDER-MAN teaser that had the World Trade Center on display, this time with the shuttle disaster, they've pulled THE CORE trailer which features the Space Shuttle having massive difficulties upon reentry and seemingly landing I believe in what looks like the THEM! canals in Los Angeles. If you don't remember the trailer, you can get it at ComingSoon.Net if you want it, go get it soon, because... well, the trailer is already being pulled from theaters, online will be next. No word on if this will affect the impending March 28th release date or not. It should be noted that Paramount went ahead with the SUM OF ALL FEARS release against rampant speculation of pulling it due to the "fear" factor it would strike in the public... which btw... NEVER HAPPENED. Here they are being sensitive, I expect the release to continue all the same, just don't expect the Shuttle to be part of the Ad Campaign.


Maybe you've heard of this, maybe you haven't.

I work for AMC Theatres.

Because of the Columbia tragedy today, we were told by AMC Corprate Types and by Paramount to remove all trailers for "The Core" because the trailer contained a scene of a space shuttle explodes.

I don't really know if this is "news" enough for Ain't It Cool News, but I'd figure I'd report and you'd decide.


Herbie D Mouse

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