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McG to play with HOT WHEELS

Hey folks, Harry here with a project that I really truly hope will be cool. At one point back a few years when Moriarty's computer was on Life Support, I almost bought him the Hot Wheels PC with that Hot Wheels Blue and the flames... It really did look like the coolest computer on the planet - then Apple took over all of our lives and Moriarty's dream of a Hot Wheels Computer were dashed. As a boy I even read the DC HOT WHEELS comic, which wasn't really that great, but at the time I loved it, because it gave me characters and plots to play with my Hot Wheels. Now, McG is talking about making the feature timeless, and I really hope he can do that. I just hope this film and whatever screenplay they come up with features everything from the birth of Hot Wheels to those Snake Mountain cars to the funny cars... Make those cars that have only been toys, REAL. I also want to see a crazy HOT WHEELS world of roads with loops and leaps. Of course, that's probably just me. I just hope he gets Cameron Diaz in a hot jump suit and the car at the bottom of this page!

Hey Harry,

I don't know about you, but one of my favorite toys as a kid were Hot Wheels. Those little diecast cars that you could purchase for under $1.00, and stimulated a love for the automobile. Well, remember how our favorite cartoons as kids are not safe from the corporate idiots? Well, now our toys are facing the same fate.

MCG has been tapped to direct 'Hot Wheels: The Movie.' According to McG, 'We want to create a timeless story that will work for everyone -- a charismatic young hero, great stakes and jeopardy, and a fantastic love story.' So in essence, this seems to be McG's 'Fast and the Furious,' or if you will, 'Biker Boyz.'

I have even heard in animation circles that the company that has made Super Soakers is optioning rights to make an animated series or short film based on the popular water guns. what is next? 'Don't Tinker with Tinker Toys?'

I don't care if he can make Cameron Diaz's derriere as hot as J Lo's, but you must surely wish he could do better than this.



hey folks, Harry here again... here's a bit of what Andy Seiler from USAToday got out of McG about HOT WHEELS

McG, who grew up collecting the toy cars, says, "It's an adult car film with life-size cars, and it will have references to everything from Bullitt to this crazy French short called Rendezvous.

"Shane is the model for the plot," McG says. "We want classic storytelling, everything from Shakespeare to mythology to biblical stories. You'll see a lot more grit and grime than in Charlie's Angels, and a lot of horsepower. And we're going to bed, arm in arm, with some of the major car manufacturers to feature the latest concept cars."

McG has yet to cast the film, which he hopes to start shooting late in 2003 or early in 2004.

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