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Takashi Kitano to star & direct in feature film version of ZATOICHI TV series!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Man... Man oh man oh man! Ok, this is just fan-fucking-tastic news. If you are not familiar with ZATOICHI as a series in Japanese film and television, then most likely you're familiar with Rutger Hauer's take on it with BLIND FURY, which is an in-grown ass-hair on the original Japanese works! ZATOICHI is the name of one of the most legendary swordsman myths ever. The Blind Swordsman and Masseur... basically he can either kneed your flesh or dice it ginsu fashion! For over 27 years this has been a mainstay of Japanese television and film. And now, the man-god known as Beat Takeshi to some, Takeshi Kitano to others and as the walking personification of BADASS to all that love his work. Folks, how cool is this news? Imagine that you were alive and knew Clint Eastwood's potential when he signed on to do THE MAN WITH NO NAME westerns with Leone. Imagine hearing for the first time that Errol Flynn was going to play Robin Hood. It's the sort of perfect actor perfect project thing, that we never, perhaps rarely see. The film will shoot this spring for release this autumn. Words can not describe the beauty, pathos and power that Kitano will bring to this. Mark my words, it will shake the pillars of all the heavens and hells. Wow. This will... wow.

Harry & co.,

Thought I would pass along this incredible news about Takeshi Kitano's latest project.  Seems he has signed up to star and direct a film version of the blind swordsman Zatoichi television series.  More details can be found here:


Thanks for your time!


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