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Jay Roach has left HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY - the project is now seeking a director!

Harry here... Jay Roach has left HITCHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY... Who to replace him? Hmmm... My vote goes to Spike Jonze, who probably wouldn't care to do it. How about Dean Parisot or possibly Danny Boyle? Just thinking out loud!

Hello there,

Thought you might like to know or not as the case may be, that Jay Roach turned down 'Hitchhikers' on Monday. Saying that there was something else he'd rather direct.

At the time the film was close to being green lit, so the producers are now looking for someone to replace him, The difficulty is finding an established director that'll be happy to re-create Douglas Adams's vision of the story and not over power the film with his/her own outlook on it.

I live and work in London with close contacts to sections of the film industry.

No names please, just call me EdgarG

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