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BEETLEJUICE 2 in development again... wait till you get a load of the premise...

Hey folks, Harry here... Seems that the knuckleheads at Warners are continuing to chain the chimpanzees in suits to desks and have them typing random memos at computers... Really is amazing... In a way, I'm a bit stunned that they even remember BEETLEJUICE and that they believe the audience does to... that sort of cough VINTAGE cough film often escapes their glances! (Does this mean there's hope for that SWORD AND THE SORCEROR Sequel at last with Russell Crowe playing Prince Talon in TALES OF THE ANCIENT EMPIRE?) Heh...

Anyway, you didn't want to hear about my dreams and wishes, but about the reality that faces the ghost with the most. It seems that the producers: Brillstein and Grey are seeking a screenwriter to flesh out the following bit of genius.

"Beetlejuice has been banished into limbo where he meets up with an URBAN version of himself who helps him wreak havoc on an inner-city environment."

An "Urban" version of Beetlejuice... I'm suspecting that's code language. The references to an 'inner-city environment' sounds suspiciously like we're going to see something possibly a bit politically incorrect and insane... which isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, if they are going to be choosing an 'urban' version of himself - would that be being played by the likes of Chris Tucker/Eddie Griffin/Chris Rock or John Leguizamo or Eminem? Hmmmm... What do you think they're up to?

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