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George Lucas making 9 two hour movies... regarding his Star Wars Saga... He's tricksy I say, tricksy!

Hey folks, Harry here... Ya know... if there is one filmmaker you can never trust to level with his audience or to shoot straight, it's George Lucas. How many films in the series... 12? 9? or 6? I've heard those numbers over time... ALL COME OUT OF HIS MOUTH. I know that he told Mark Hamill to be prepared to shoot in the second decade of 2000 - somewhere around 2014 if memory serves... Personally, over years of contradictions coming from LucasLand, I've learned to just never take anything he says too seriously. It is my belief that George has always intended to shoot 3 trilogies. The reason he would deny the third one while shooting the first one, was to dodge all questions about a third one pending its completion, knowing full well that the thing that all fandom truly dreams of is seeing the Falcon fly, Luke swing and Chewie roar again. Will we ever see it? Would George ever helm it? Or would one of his children? I don't know... but whether this was just one of those Lucas brain farts where his tongue bush-ed out, or if it was one of those slips where Wonder Woman's lasso caught him for a sec... well, we'll only know 10 years or so from now. The article I link to at the bottom of this letter has a pretty interesting interview of George... Whatever he's up to, we, of course, want to know...

Hey Harry,

Don't know if you saw this or not but on the Fox News site there's a fairly interesting quote from Crazy George Lucas where he mentions something about doing a total of NINE Star Wars movies. Is he thinking of that third trilogy again?:

"Lucas also told me that he and Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson have become good friends, commiserating with each other in Australia and New Zealand on their shoots about making their two series. "Essentially, Peter is making three three-hour movies out of one book," Lucas said. "And I'm making nine two-hour movies from one book." Of course, Lucas wrote his own book, but the mythology harkens back to Lord of the Rings. "We discuss it a lot because they are similar in nature," said Lucas."

CLICK HERE, and be warned... there are some minor spoilers...

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