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A brief look at DAVID GALE and THE GURU - with cast members present!

Hey folks, Harry here... Seems that theword has been coming in that THE GURU is fun - and THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE should be avoided at all costs as being a pretty terrible film with pretty wonderful actors giving mediocre performances in an even less than that sort of film. Ouch. Mr Beaks though loved it - ummmm... Just Kidding - if you even mention this film to him, he begins foaming out the ears and ejaculating venom from his freshly cracked molars. Here's this tiny report...

Hey Harry,

Long time reader, first time contributor. I went to a couple of screenings this week here in Atlanta and had the pleasure of also hearing the Q&A afterwards with the movies' respective stars.

The Guru

Q&A afterwards with Heather Graham and Jimi Mistry The movie was mediocre, but if you just want to see something lighthearted then it'll be fine for you. If not, then Heather Graham's acting and the fact that the screenplay should have gone through at least one more draft will annoy the hell out of you. 2 stars out of 4

Afterwards though, during the Q&A section, someone asked Heather Graham if there was any truth to the rumor that Paul Thomas Anderson was planning on making a Boogie Nights sequel. She said that she hasn't heard anything about it and felt that it was just a joke someone was playing. She would, however, love to work with PTA again.

The Life of David Gale

Q&A afterwards with Kevin Spacey and Laura Linney The movie was atrocious - simply atrocious. Kate Winslet's acting was awful - although it's not really her fault because the dialogue she had to work with was horrendous - Alan Parker's direction was mediocre and parts of the story was just cheesy. I mean basically, Alan Parker created an R rated version of a Scooby Doo mystery. "Oh my god, Raggy! Where's the pickup truck? I don't know Scoob, let me check it out! Rorry Shaggy!"

The one redeeming part of the movie though is the ending. I'm not saying that it's worthy of being a Twilight Zone twist because it's not (I mean when Kate Winslet found the tape dangling from her hotel room ceiling you pretty much know what the twist is going to be and that Laura Linney's character was in on her own murder), but it did make good sense and there weren't really any plot holes left dangling. 1 star out of 4 (the one star coming from the fact that it had a decent ending. What do you know - Robert McKee is right after all!)

The Q&A afterwards really didn't have anything of note to report. Basically people just fawned over Kevin Spacey for a half hour or so and told him how great "David Gale" was. Apparently, those guys saw a different movie than I did.


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