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Does THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY Finally Have a Greenlight'!'!'!

Hey folks, Harry here... General rule is that science fiction comedies suck... GALAXY QUEST was the exception to the rule... So why would anyone think twice about HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY? Because it's brilliant? Well... Yeah. Because it is simply one of the best character books out there? Because if done absolutely right... it would completely rule the earth and beyond... At one point Douglas and I were set to do a series of Q&As about the development of this project before he passed away, as he was excited about it all and felt that clearing away a lot of the speculation was a good thing to do... especially when dealing with a project with a lot of love amongst the 14 million or so faithful readers... If true this could be the next really exciting bit of fan film news... We've been dreaming about this one for a very long time...

Hi Harry, love the site,  

This is just a small tid bit, but I had to let you know.  

As you might know, but the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy started life as an amazing book, which ended up as a series, which Douglas Adam (the author) described as A trilogy of 4, in 5 parts; it then went on to become a hit Radio series on the BBC and then a BBC TV series, which is still great to watch, even though it was made in the early 80's.  

Any ways, there was talk about a film, and there were rumours of Jay Roach (Austin Powers) directing.  

Well, last night, on BBC Radio 2, Douglas Adams' wife, Jane Belson, was being interviewed and she was asked about the film, she said that Karey Kirkpatrick (James and the Giant Peach and Chicken Run) had been working on a script with Douglas and that some producers had read it and liked it, and that the executive producers had read it and liked and it seems to have a green light.  

But that's all she could say, unfortunately with no more details.  

I just though you should know. If a film is going to be made, it should be great, and if it's based on the book, it's going to be REALLY good, coz the books are excellent.  

Philly Lilley

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