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RETURN OF THE KING pics to make your wait more miserable!

Hey folks, Harry here with the first group of images that were sent to probably every website known to Planet Earth regarding RETURN OF THE KING today. You can see the others on various websites, I picked these 4 out of the 12 or so that are floating about to talk about. This week Peter Jackson is beginning to really take a hard look at what his decisions are regarding the various edits of RETURN OF THE KING.

From what I'm hearing there are 3 initial edits for Peter to begin looking at. A 3 hour cut, a 3 and a half hour cut and a 4 and a half hour cut. The version that was screened to Elijah, Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan was the 3 hour cut. Word has it that tears flowed beginning 40 minutes in and that this is THE film of the trilogy. For those that know the material that is left to cover, I bet you can imagine what the scene is...

Personally - I can't stand waiting. Talking to folks that work in and around the production, they tell me that the work we see from Gollum in THE TWO TOWERS is an appetizer for what is to come. That the film takes the next step forward in terms of character work and will be that much further along in terms of effects quality.

The Return of the King... I remember Viggo getting dressed in his Kingly armor and heading out to "go kick Sauron's ass" like Peter said from behind the camera on the last shot of principle photography as he wore that feathered boa... oh so adorably. It's a long year this year filled with geek treats and delights of many sorts... But oh what a cherry we have at the end of the year... will we ever have a better one? Who knows...

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