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Folks, from time to time here at Aint It Cool News, I've had the honor of giving you news that... well... that reaches into a deep and holy place of excitement and just gets you all giddy and happy and cheerful. One of the greatest comedy duos in history was broke up by Political Correctness... the death of more than just comedy I tell ya... Cheech & Chong left the world of comedy together... behind. They went their separate ways. For me, this was sad beyond sad. I wasn't alive to see Abbott & Costello break up... or Martin & Lewis... But I remember when Cheech & Chong called it quits... I was mortified. UP IN SMOKE and CHEECH & CHONG'S NEXT MOVIE are two of the funniest feature films in history. Absolute Acapulco Gold! Well, it seems that they're coming back together to make what they hope will be a new series of movies. So, let's hear title ideas for the pair... How about, CHEECH & CHONG's TOKIN' AGAIN? I like it. How about a story about an old buddy of theirs that they used to do Coke with back in the seventies getting elected President and them being brought into the White (get it) House as Advisors? They could head up a new scheme with an Eighties twist... Arms for Drugs! It'll be a riot. Hmmm... I'm sensing dead air here... Ok, here ya go...


I've emailed the little tid bits that I get here and there but nothing was really ever substantial. BUT...I listen to 104.1 FM here in Daytona Beach to a show called the Monsters of the midday and Tommy Chong Called as a "Mystery Christmas Caroler".  He spoke of this movie..but the real gem of news is that he said that he is reteaming with Cheech to make another set of Cheech and Chong movies!  He said the deal's set and their in pre production already. His daughter (Rae Dawn) was responsible for the "Reunion. Hopefully this is good news for ya...

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