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Peter Weir - Russell Crowe -- with MASTER & COMMANDER trailer - pretty cool!

Hey folks, Harry here with a trailer for a movie we haven't heard a terrible lot about, but that has the right ingredients for coolness. First off we have master filmmaker Peter Weir (THE TRUMAN SHOW, DEAD POETS SOCIETY, THE MOSQUITO COAST and WITNESS) helming up an action/adventure/drama set out on the High Seas during the era of Napoleanic wars. The last time Weir went into battle it was GALLIPOLI which is a damn fine film. DAMN FINE FILM I say again! We also have Russell Crowe in this film, and he's got an uncanny knack for picking the right projects at the moment. The trailer looks pretty damn cool and it looks as if next year we'll be spending a lot of time on the High Seas - sigh... where's Errol Flynn when ya need him? Or at the very least Tyrone Power? or Max Steiner!

Hey Harry,

Apple has just released the trailer to the new Peter Weir / Russell Crowe film, "Master and Commander." Looks pretty damn cool!

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