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Is John Milius Still In Play On KING CONAN' Can You Help'!

Hey, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab.

The answer to the first question is “Yes.” John Milius and Warner Brothers are still lead contenders to bring Robert E. Howard’s beloved barbarian back to the big screen in the near future, and part of the reason is because of the overwhelming show of support that you guys exhibited last week when IGN first broke the story that Conan Properties might be taking the license and giving it to someone else.

The problem is that this is all in flux. Nothing is certain. Milius could wake up tomorrow and find that the property has slipped away, or he could learn that he’s got the go-ahead. I’ve been contacted directly by about five different producers looking for contact info for Conan Properties, and as much as part of me would love to jump in and start yammering about how much I love the character and how much room there is to bring new facets of Howard’s work to the bigscreen, who am I fooling? Part of the reason I first discovered CONAN was because of my love for the first film by Milius, and if there’s a snowball’s chance in Hell that we might get a real sequel to that film after all these years, and if there’s a chance it could be even half as great as that script I read, then there’s no conversation here. Milius is the man. Without him, I can’t imagine it working. Still, there are a lot of variables involved here, and there’s nothing we, the fans, can do right now except wait.

Actually... I take that back. There is something you can do. Normally, I don’t run a lot of links to petitions, because I think it’s sort of ridiculous to try to tell New Line to change the title of THE TWO TOWERS or to try and mandate that George Lucas let someone else direct EPISODE III. That’s just random fanboy oddity unbridled, and it doesn’t accomplish anything. However, I know that the guys who run Conan Properties read this site, and I know that they care what fans have to say about the future of this character. As a result, I’m going to hand the floor over to our good friend... the purest fan I know... the one and only AB KING...

Hi AICN team,

THE ARNOLD FANS website has made a petition to the WB and the powers that be who are gonna make another CONAN movie. If you spread the word and sign the KING CONAN petition, chances are that JOHN MILIUS and SCHWARZENEGGER will do this movie...and soon. Please post this petition up at AICN if you really want to see a "John Milius" KING CONAN starring "Arnold Schwarzenegger"!!!


If you want to just hop over directly to the petition to slap a signature on there, then you can just CLICK HERE.

By Crom... we will have our film our way... or the ground shall run red and fury shall fall like a rain over all who oppose the true King Conan and his Crown Of Iron.

"Moriarty" out.

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