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Angelina Jolie to play Linda 'DEEP THROAT' Lovelace in a Biopic!!!

First, this isn't going to be that type of Biopic... I know, I cried to at that realization. Harry here... This could literally be the great role that Angelina desperately needs to prove that GIA wasn't a fluke a zillion years ago. That she really is one of the most talented actresses of her generation and not just a pair of succulent lips, an amazing ass and a great pair of tits.... which seems to be the entire point of TOMB RAIDER - only instead of accentuating how great and natural all those things are, it made them all look fake, untantalyzing and wasted. Linda's story is a story of woe, EXTREME FAME, and a terrible conclusion. Great film material here... especially if the director became Paul Schrader - who could do AMAZING and ASTONISHING WORK with this material. Just Amazing Work! Here's the scoop...


long time reader - first time writer. geez, that sounds cliche.

Finally, something of interest - or something I can actually divulge without getting my arse fired from the wide world of wackiness.

Angeline Jolie is in talks - and believe will be shooting back to la la land soon - to headline a new biopic on famed Porno star, Linda Lovelace. Remember her? she was the "Deep Throat" starlet who tragically died in a car smash.

It's early days, and what I've got is pretty much what you've now got - but from what we know, Jolie is interested. There's no director attached. No one attached remotely, besides an indy backer, and of course Jolie, should she confirm her involvement.

Personally I think she'd be good - and heck, she doesn't mind getting her togs off.

If you use this call me,


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