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THE TWO TOWERS update! Truth about that 'review'... The Final 1-sheet and More!

Hey folks, Harry here... Doesn't that One Sheet just give ya the goosebumps? Well, since running that HOT DOG story yesterday, I've been poking around into it a bit, and here's what I've found. First of all, it seems the "INSIDER" at HOTDOG is often quite bogus. People were out to hang the reviewer as a fraud and the editor of HOTDOG responded with the following:

We have every confidence in our reviewer, who has been working in the film industry (on many major films, including LOTR) for over 15 years, and who obviously wants his/her identity kept under wraps. This person (one of Hotdog's industry insiders) has helped Hotdog break several scoops in the past (revealing details on the two Matrix sequels that were confirmed literally days after the magazine going on sale by the film's producer!), so we have no reason to doubt that he/she saw the film at an industry (not press) screening. Certainly everyone on the magazine is jealous, as TTT looks as though it's going to be the film of the year!

Andy McDermott Editor, Hotdog

If one is to presume this editor is telling the truth, then it is likely to presume that the alleged "INSIDER" would be someone that worked at Weta Digital. Now if you want to believe the review, I can tell you that on November 7th, THE TWO TOWERS was screened for some folks in New Zealand, and since that time there have been a couple of high profile screenings like the Cast screening recently. However, these screenings have been of the finished final print. And in talking with several folks that have seen the film, the one thing they've all said is... HELM'S DEEP IS NOT 45 MINUTES LONG, NO WHERE NEAR THAT LONG! Ok... So I asked, if it is reasonable that someone could mistake the amount of time if they got caught up in it? They all felt that there was no way someone could mistake a 15 minute battle for 45 minutes. I asked if an unobservant person could mistake the ISENGARD and Ents confrontation and just lump it in there with it. Again, they felt no observant person.

This combined with the overwhelming amount of email I've received from our British readers declaring that "The Insider" is a constant and total load of shit. While the enthusiasm is to be admired, it isn't very likely that the review is genuine. At this point it would merely be an act of faith. We should be seeing tons of reviews though beginning a week from tonight, as that is when the press screenings and the advancers will be seeing the film. I'm passing on seeing it early myself, so I can see it with my friends and family here in Austin. Yeah, I know, its killing me too. You may want to check out some of the new features that The Official Site has updated with.

Now below is a spoiler image... The Eyes of GOLLUM! This came from the site of LordoftheRings-Soundtrack where you can download GOLLUM'S SONG which I've just loved ever since getting the soundtrack last week. If you don't want to see his eyes till the film, don't scan down, but if you want to see a pair of CG eyes with soul... pan down...

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