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A Quick Review Of Last Sunday

Hey, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab.

I spent all day Sunday painting the Labs. Yes, that’s right. Painting. Making the place nice for the first time in a long time. Nine hours of painting in an effort to get it all finished at once. And I followed that up by going over to the Wiltern Theater, where I spent about four hours backstage with Mr. Show, Kids In The Hall, Janeane Garafolo, Robert Smigel and Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, as well as a number of guests. It was a great evening, and I’ve got a report coming on the whole thing.

For now, here’s a great quick review someone sent me earlier today:

Salutations Harry,

I haven't seen any reviews on your site for what was probably one of the greatest nights of comedy ever... I'm talking about THE CLASH OF THE TITANS... Mr. Show, Kids in the Hall, Janeane Garofalo, and Triumph all in the same room for one cause to fight Autism. Let me just say, never in my life have I laughed so hard or so long. The poster advertises 2.5 hours of comedy, but the show went on for more than three, and by the time it was over I needed a new pair of pants.

Paul F. Tompkins MCed the night, he was pretty funny at first, but his interludes between acts became stale after a while. The show opened up with Paul introducing the chick that opens up all the Mr. Show shows (the name escapes me at the moment), she comes out does a cartwheel and falls flat on her ass, hops up and says she has a letter from the Kommisioner of Komedy (thats with a K) and pulls out the letter and says "Hey Everybody... It's Bob and David." Mr. Show came out and did at least a 45 minute live version of their awesome HBO sketch comedy show. They did such sketches as "The Audition" and "Talk Show Lifeboat". The timing and speed of their delivery was unbelievable. They were the main reason I wanted to go to the show, and I wasn't disappointed at all.

After Mr. Show, Janeane Garofalo did a 25-30 minute standup set. She was funny, but I kinda felt bad for her having to follow up those guys. After her set, there was a 15 minute intermission where there was a raffle.

So then Paul came back out and introduced Triumph, who had just a great set. Highlights from his set were the song "Cats are Cunts" sung with Garofalo and McCulloch, and also him insulting Arli$$ and then having Robert Wuhl come out and take the verbal ass rape in person.

After Triumph, Kids in the Hall came out. What can I say about these guys that hasn't probably already been said. They are fucking geniuses. Their sketches just go on and on and never cease to surprise you. The highlight of their set was probably the ten minute fucking session between Scott Thompson and Kevin McDonald (you had to be there it was unreal). After them, everybody in the entire show came out on stage and did a song, with David Cross personally thanking Bob Odenkirk for putting together the show single-handedly. All in all, it was a great night. I wish I could remember every single detail to share with you all. I will leave you with this... Cats are Cunts.

Call me Mr. Kids in the Show

Because I was Bob Odenkirk’s guest, I got an amazing view of this thing. I was allowed to pretty much roam wherever I wanted during the entire show, and as a result, I was able to see just how hard Bob worked at pulling together this enormous, at times unweildy, last minute sort of event. He did an amazing job, and it sounds like it was a blast to watch from the audience.

And, yes, Triumph completely stole the evening from everyone. I’ll transcribe some of the majestic filth later, but what can you say about a set that opens with a Doberman puppet “buttfucking Ernie from SESAME STREET,” and ends with him doing the same to a Teletubbie? This was something you can’t see on CONAN O’BRIEN... that’s for sure.

"Moriarty" out.

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