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Cool as a witch's chi-chi pics of the new X-MEN 2 Posters!!!

Harry here, now Nightcrawler looks cool! I just wish his whole eyes were yellow. I hate that iris look.. I know it gives the actor more expression, but that was always something I loved in the comic was that whole... didn't know where his eyes were looking thing. That and how Nightcrawler was the best designed X-Men character this side of Warlock... ahem... Sorry, personal thing there... Anyway, these kick mucho booty, do they not?

Long time fan of your site. Attached you will find promo pix for X2 movie. I haven't seen them on any other site. Thought you might like them. Don't ask me where I got them. I was not here. If you use 'em, just call me "Strength Of Ten Men".

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