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A pic in Shelob's Lair -- LORD OF THE RINGS!

Hey folks, Harry here... Now, we've been told that we don't see Shelob in TWO TOWERS, but this pic seems to indicate that we might get really really close, if this is from TWO TOWERS. Obviously what we're looking at here is the interior of Shelob's Lair as Sam and Frodo approach with the Light of Earendil to illuminate the darkness of that terrible inky black place. Now, one of the key things that we've all been curious about is where does THE TWO TOWERS end? I don't know, truthfully, I don't know what beat it finishes on, and frankly I don't want to know. But since we're all fanboys and girls sitting around the cold flame of our computers sharing feces and thoughts... I'm gonna float the theory that we get to Shelob's lair in TWO TOWERS - that we hear Shelob - that it ends in the all time meanest cliffhanger of all time. I mean, can you imagine if that's where he leaves us? Meanwhile, the track title... Samwise the Brave... it disturbs me, the music is great, but Samwise the Brave... isn't that a RETURN OF THE KING moment? Again... confused, titillated and thrilled. Can't wait to see how this plays out, but I must. Here ya go.... Thanks goes out to The Rabid Turkey!

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