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I am – Hercules!!

“Firefly” may finish its first season, “Birds of Prey” probably won’t, and “Angel” makes it official.

*First the good news on “Firefly," from an insider we’ll call “Gunther”:

OK, no real names please, but because of the networks enthusiasm for Ariel, both in it’s writing and the stunning visual effects work, Firefly has been given the order for production, (not just scripts,) for two more episodes, meaning the rest of the back 9, (7 more episodes,) will most likely be picked up as well… Call me Gunther!

* We note the news of the two-episode order has since been confirmed over at Variety, which also relates that insiders say “Birds of Prey,” despite its huge debut numbers, will not make it past 1.13. Read the whole mad tale here.

* Perhaps to help fill the BOP vacuum, the WB has picked up new episodes of the hiatus-y former Fox sitcom "Grounded For Life," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

* Despite its brutal timeslot, "Amazing Race" has been picked up for a fourth season by CBS.

* ABC is developing a series prequel to the feature actioner "Speed." Wacky!

* "Sliders"/"Sports Night" hottie Sabrina Lloyd will join NBC's "Ed" as a lawyerette who helps build the title character's law practice.

* Finally, “Angel” producer Mutant Enemy just made official what we’ve known since that “Freakylinks” guy fled the show in August: that “Angel’s” new showrunner is “X-Files” vet Jeffrey Bell, a writer-producer who first joined “Angel” last season.

Oh, while we're on the subject? The Mt. Olympus mailbox is fairly bulging with the (news? rumor? speculation?) that Charisma "Cordelia" Carpenter is preggers, and that her family way will be worked into the season's storyline. We can't confirm any of it yet, but we have heard. So you can quit writing now.

I am – Hercules!!

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