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The Latest on CLONE WARS Animated Series!!!

Hey folks, Harry here. Today I was contacted by a source inside the Cartoon Network that said it was about time I figured out they were doing something with Lucas and STAR WARS. It seems that they are not in advance talks for the CLONE WARS, they've signed the deal. It's done. Complete... A Sure Thing.

The format will be serialized shorts to keep with the Star Wars Serial motif. These will not be half hour adventures, but more in the line of short films. These animated shorts will play inbetween two regular half hour cartoons in a fixed slot.

Genndy Tartakovsky (SAMURAI JACK fame) will produce - and the early development designs have evidently been pretty close to SAMURAI JACK in style, thus far, but currently they are in the middle of a whole new set of designs, so my source at the Cartoon Network isn't sure exactly how it'll come out, just the path they've been on thus far.

I'll stay on this series like mayo on peanut butter!

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