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Mark Protosevich to write JOHN CARTER OF MARS Script!!!

Hey folks, Harry here. Back quite some time ago there was a young scruff of a writer that was taking film geeks by storm with his masterful script for I AM LEGEND. There was much salivation as Ridley Scott came aboard to direct Arnie in the best script Arnie had worked on since the original CONAN THE BARBARIAN and the best script that Ridley Scott had had since BLADE RUNNER. Weirdness ensued and Ridley jettisoned, Arnie remain attached, the project went into Limbo. It was much energy and potential, but what became of it? Well right now, it is very much alive with Michael Bay and Will Smith. Ok, so it is in I.C.U., but what about the screenwriter?

Well Mark Protosevich has continued to work on cool projects. He was one of the writers on FREDDY VS JASON, STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND and GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY. He's turned in a draft of the reimagining of BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN at Universal, and it after he finishes the draft of that, that he's pecking away at right now... He begins to right his epic...


This is the project in the post LORD OF THE RINGS world to get erect for. This is a project that if done right, well it could just kick in teeth and take names. It would be grand. So step one has begun on this project, a really great and loving writer that gives a shit, is working on it. Next, we'll have to see what happens in the director's chair... then of course... who is John Carter? Hugh Jackman? Cole Hauser? Jason Schwartzman? What do you think?

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