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AICN Anime Report: Laputa; Demon Beast Invasion; Neon Genesis Evangelion; Dragon Ball Z; Pom Poko; Asamiya Batman

Well its Wednesday soooooooo here's ol' Father Geek posting up another great mid work-week report from Scott on all things relating to the worlds of Anime & Manga... just about everything you could possibily want to know about upcoming Comics; DVDs; VHS; Motion Pictures; Games; Merchandise... release dates, personalities, back room biz, even legal entanglements... its all here every week at this time for your information and enjoyment, so sit back and prepare to dig into another amazing...

AICN Anime Report...

by Scott Green

Manga Spotlight: Benkei In New York

Story by Jinpachi Mori, Art by Jiro Taniguchi

There is a natural, almost animalistic human fascination with super-predators, sharks, lion, and crocodiles, and the human varieties, serial killers, hitmen and assassins. Almost as if our mind is telling us to pay close attention for signs to look out for. It doesn't take much for a killer story to get its foot in the door. If the story has flair, and an intelligent grounding, it becomes unforgettable.

"Benkei in New York" is a collection of revenge tales connected by Benkei, a man to executes all of his life's endeavors as an artist, whether it is painting forgeries, or his business a vengeance merchant. Artistry is a unique modus, operendi for a killer, and its perfectly executed here. He's not some stone face samurai, or Golgo 13 cartoon juggernaut. He's a bit Hannibal Lecter crossed with Philip Marlowe. He operates on the same spectrum of subtle cruelty to gruesome show, but he the same dedication to his own code, and sense of pain as Marlowe.

The collection feels through the range of citations to try Benkei, that range from primal physical conflict, to mob dealing, but are linked by a sense of sorrow, and inescapability.

Anime Spotlight: Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Round Two

Released by Bandai Entertainment

Its quite the accomplishment to combine Gundam, Dragon Ball, and Giant Robo without creating a bipolar mess. Gundam's giant robots, a Dragon Ball style fighting tournament, and Giant Robo inspired wackiness work well together, and despite incredible implausibility, it manages some interesting sci-fi ideas.

Fighters and their giant robots are sent to the nearly ruined Earth in a tournament to decide which nation colony with rule the others for the next interval. Neo-Japan's Domon, and his Shining Gundam travel around the planet searching out a man from his past, and battling other Gundam fighters along the way. Episodes six breaks from this format to reveal Domon's back-story, and the details of his quest. G Gundam handles the formula well, twisting the formula with innovative setups, and playing with expectations about who will survive, and whether ultimate attacks will work. What sets the series apart is an emotional complexity that is generally underplayed. Most of the chief Gundam pilots have been decent men driven by anger, determination, and or desperation. Beneath the Star Wars melodrama, screaming pulp dialogue, giant robots, there are glimpse of character depth, and development.

The nation colonies, and their representative robots walk a fine line between fun oddity, and silly. Volume 2 features Neo-Mexico (a sombrero shaped structure with giant cactus), and its Tequila Gundam, complete with its own sombrero, serape, and curled mustache. There really aren't any negative stereotypes (in true Gundam fashion, no institution looks pure), and it isn't much sillier than Canada's Lumber Gundam, or the American Gundam Maxter (now with boxing gloves, football padding, AND surfboard), but it is still a bit of an extreme example.

This Week's Releases

  • Cardcaptor Sakura - The Final Judgment (Vol. 12)
  • Dai-Guard - To Serve and Defend, But Not To Spend (Vol. 2)
  • Dragon Ball Z:Cell Games - Ultimatum
  • Fushigi Yugi - The Mysterious Play - Volume 3, Eikoden Eikoden
  • GTO - Betrayal (Vol. 5)
  • Gate Keepers - For Tomorrow (Vol. 8)
  • Great Dangaioh, Vol. 1
  • Hellsing - Search and Destroy (Vol. 3)
  • Kirby: Kirby Comes To Cappytown
  • The Legend of Himiko - Sword of Seven Blades (Vol. 3)
  • Legend of Himiko Complete Collection
  • Ranma 1/2 Outta Control Season 4
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena - The Black Rose Blooms (Vol. 3)

  • Banana Fish Vol 7 Tp
  • Big O Part 3 #1 (Of 4)
  • Blood Last Vampire 2002 Gn
  • Blade Of The Immortal #73 Fall Frost (Part 1 Of 6)
  • Crayon Shin Chan Gn #1
  • Dark Angel Vol 5 Tp Legend Of The Sacred Beast Ii
  • Gundam The Origin Manga #1
  • Magical Pokemon Journey Vol 7 Tp From The Heart
  • Medabots Part 4 #3 (Of 4)
  • Oh My Goddess Queen Sayoko Tp
  • Project Arms Part 1 #3 (Of 16)
  • Ranma 1/2 Part 11 #9 (Of 11)
  • Saint Legend Gn #1
  • Super Manga Blast #26
  • Weapons Of The Gods Gn #2
  • Zoids Gn New Century

Dark Horse Comics will also be releasing Cowboy Bebop Zippo Lighter

Plans for Asamiya Batman Finalized

DC Comics announced their plans for the year 2003. Kia Asamiya's Batman: Child of Dreams will be releases in a collected hard cover format in the first quarter of the year, with a translation by Road to Perdition's Max Allan Collins.

Online Article and Periodicals

Splash has an interesting article on shoujo comics here.

Akadot has an interview with Madhouse CEO Shinichi Kobayashi, focusing on Millenium Actress here

The November issue of AnimeFringe features articles on the newly released Trouble Chocolate, Gundam Seed, .hack//Sign , and an interested mature shoujo manga (girl's comic) series colled Happy Mania.

The new Sequential Tart features several interviews with Newtype USA staff, and the English dub director of Hellsing, and the English voice of Slayer's Naga.

Galaxy Anime has updated with Real Audio interviews with Robert Bricken, Associate Editor of Anime Invasion Magazine, discussing the state of anime in America and Anime Invasion's plan to become a bi-monthly magazine; Rhona Medina, Marketing Manager for Urban Vision Entertainment, discussing the upcoming Ninja Scroll TV series; and Anime News Network Ad Sales Consultant Isaac Alexander.

The once one stop resource for anime online Anime Web Turnpike has posted Ryan Mathews' final Last Exit Before the Toll column here, once the last word on must see anime links.

Anime Network Details

Anime News Network has spoked to ADV about their plans for a 24 hour anime network. The articles and working logo can be seen here

They would nottalk about non-ADV shows he did say that not all ADV shows would appear on the Anime Network, but they are looking at airing the following shows: Gunsmith Cats, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Getter Robo, Gasaraki and RahXephon. In fact, RahXephon will probably air on the Anime Network before it is released on DVD. "We will be premiering programs that have no shown in the past. RahXephon will be hopefully premiered on the Anime Network."

Pom Poko Update

Anime on DVD has confirmed that the region 2 DVD release of Ghibli's Pom Poko will feature Japanese, English and French subtitles in anamorphic widescreen. The movie follows the adventures of a shape shifting clan of racoon like tanuki has the are forced to interact with human society. The movie was directed by Isao Takahata, Studio Ghibli's best known director after Hayao Miyazaki.

Peruvian teenagers 'possessed' by Dragon Ball Z

From The parents of three Peruvian teenagers say their children have been possessed by a Japanese TV cartoon show.

Christian Vilchez, who's 16, and 19-year-olds Jorge Vela and Edy Frank Castillo are fans of Dragon Ball Z and never miss an episode.

But, according to their parents, since watching it last week they have gone mute, had convulsions and lost their memories.

One of the teenager's fathers told Terra Noticias Populares: "It is all Dragon Ball Z's fault. My son is numb. I beg the authorities and the church to support me."

Doctors on the town of Tarapoto have examined Edy Frank Castillo and have not yet come up with an explanation for his condition. They continue to study the cases.

One of the cartoon's characters is Babidi, a mind altering wizard who uses his powers to "bring out the evil in people's hearts and control them".

Manga Strongly Objects to Newtype Eva Review

Manga Entertain has issued a letter stating their objection to Newtype USA's negative, and flippent review of the Neon Genesis Evangelion movies. The letter critiszed the magazine for not recognizing the movies artistic vision, and for being biased toward the ADV Films, the company who publishes the magazine Anime on DVD has posted the letter here.

The vast majority of fan reaction has been to be unimpressed by both sides of the arguements. Few have stood up for the quality of the review, but most feel that Manga Entertainment should chalked up the negative reaction to the contraversial nature of the films, and which are not to everyone's liking.

The movies have been contraversional, and recognized by many to be a point of contention.

Tezuka in Japan

From Natsume Maya Tezuka Osamu's Black Jack character is being used to market a weather/health information service for users of mobile telephones. Commencing 21 October 2002 and using Black Jack as a guide, the Tokyo Electric Power Company group will provide news of the weather as well as advise of illnesses the user should beware of, taking into account the weather and the user's own health. It is hoped that there will be 100,000 registered users within a year. The "Black Jack no Otenki Doctor" service is being provided on NTT DoCoMo's

Speaking of using classic characters for public service promotions, characters from yojin no Hoshi are being used to promote off-peak commuting in the month of November see here

In recognition of the birthday of Tetsuwan Atom (Astroboy) on 7 April 2003, Triumph Japan has created the Triumph @Mune Bra. The item, which isn't being sold, can be seen at here

Plans to construct the Tezuka Osamu World Kawasaki theme park have been abandoned, Yomiuri Online reports.

Kawasaki was decided as the location of the theme park back in May 1998, but due to the recession and poor performance of other theme parks in the recent past, the Tezuka World Plan was revisited in December last year. It was proposed to include characters by other authors, reduce the plan area and use a new design. However, ultimately Tezuka Production cancelled its investment. A new use will need to be found for the planned construction site of 38 hectares.

New Manga by Goldesn Creator

From Natsume Maya A new manga by Egawa (Golden Boy) Tatsuya has commenced serialisation in the November 2002 issue of Cyzo (on sale 18 October 2002), which also features a cover illustration by Egawa. What's a bit different about this manga is that Egawa is the main character. The manga's titled Egawa Shiki Benkyou Hou (Egawa Style Studying Method). According to the blurb, it's "new ground for the genius who brought you Tokyo Daigaku Monogatari (Tokyo University Story) and Magical Taruto-kun and who's at the forefront of the manga world, Egawa is the main character, dealing a blow to the absurdity of this world!?"

Demon Beast Invasion Legal Action...

Case Against Texas Hentai Seller Goes Poorly

From ICV2 In a setback for First Amendment rights, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has denied the Petition for Discretionary Review of the "display of obscenity" conviction of Texas comic retailer Jesus Castillo . Castillo for selling Demon Beast Invasion #2 to an adult.

He was sentenced to 180 days in jail, a year's probation, and a $4,000 fine for selling an issue of Demon Beast invasion, a hentai (pornographic) Japanese comic to an adult. This appeal by the attorney for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund was a second appeal; in the first, the Fifth District Court of Appeals upheld Castillo's conviction in a 2-1 decision.

The notice of the denial came via postcard, dated October 23rd, to CBLDF executive director Charles Brownstein. It said only, "On this day, the Appellant's Petition for Discretionary Review has been REFUSED." The only remaining course of action is an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. The CBLDF board of directors is currently voting on whether to proceed with that appeal; a decision is expected by Monday.

See here for more information.

Japanese Government Looks to Fund Anime

From Natsume Maya According to Kyodo News, Japanese government body examines expanding the financing methods for anime production. Anime is a field in which high growth is hoped for in a Japan which is facing de-industrialisation and it's hoped that revision of the business laws will help the domestic animation industry compete with other major animators like Disney.

Disney puts Castle in the Sky trailer on Spiderman Cartoon DVD

AnimeAge reports Disney's recent release of Spider-Man - The Return of the Green Goblin (Animated Series) on DVD includes a trailer for Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky. According to the trailer, Castle in the Sky is "Coming Soon." Unfortunately no specific (or even aproximate) date is given, and Disney has hinted at Castle in the Sky releases in the past.

Castle in the Sky, also known as Laputa, Castle in the Sky takes elements of Gulliver's Travels, and Jules Vernes, and combines they with Miyazaki's love of nature, flight, and strong characters.

New Anime Announced

From Anime Nation New anime TV series confirmed for premier on Japanese television in January include the second .Hack anime TV series, ".hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu" seemingly based on the .Hack manga; Transformers: Micron Legend; Gunparade March, based on the best selling Japanese Playstation game; L/R; Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto; Status Four, the latest "801 TTS style" anime from Studio Fantasia, creators of Aika and Najica; Lime iro Senkitan ; and Machine Robo Rescue, a revival of the 1986 anime TV series that was remade in America as Challenge of the GoBots.

Gutsoon Changes Fujin Name To RGA

Gatsoon has announced that they will be changing the name of their Fujin weekly anime and game news suppliment to Rga Or Raijin Game & Anime.

In addition, RGA, will no longer be distributed as a supplement issue, but as a separate newsmagazine, becoming Gutsoon Entertainment's second U.S. published property. RGA will feature the latest news on videogames, anime, manga and Japanese cultural trends. RGA will be offered to subscribers of Raijin Comics free of charge, and available in stores at a shelf-price of $0.99. (Raijin Comics store shelf-price will be $4.95.) The name change was selected to better reflect the magazine's contents and add to Gutsoon's branding initiatives for the upcoming launch of both magazines, slated to be in stores on December 4th, 2002.

AnimEigo KOR Replacement Disc Update

AnimEigo has announced their plans to replace the first DVD set of Kimagure Orange Road. Customers objected to the fact that the initial release placed all the series openning animation on one location on the disc rather than before each episode.

Kimagure Orange Road is considered a classic comedy/drama/romance about a love triangle between three friends, complicated by the fact than one of them has psychic powers that he must keep hidden (mostly for social reasons).

Discs should start shipping on November 20th

The following e-mail has been sent to costumers

Dear KOR Fans,

We are pleased to announce that, barring any unexpected problems, the remastered KOR discs (containing complete opening and ending credits) will be arriving around November 18th. It'll take us a couple of days to give them a final once-over, but we expect to be able to send them to you starting on the 20th.

If you'd like to exchange your current discs for the remastered discs, then please do the following:

1) Make a small shipping label with your name and address on it (it doesn't have to be a sticky label, just something we can attach to the package we send back to you).

2) Mail your 12 discs, along with the label, to:

KOR DISC SWAP... c/o AnimEigo... PO BOX 989, Wilmington NC 28402-0989

Do NOT, repeat, NOT, include the amaray cases, the box, the liner notes, etc. Just the label and the actual DVD discs.

HINT: You can send this package using the MEDIA MAIL rate, it should cost you less than $2.00.

3) You'll get back a package containing 12 new discs (individually wrapped), as well as a coupon for a $10 discount on your next website or preorder purchase; it's our way of compensating you for your time and the postage.

Best, R

January Manga Releases

The following items are being solicited for release this January by Diamond Distributors. See here to find to local comic shop in order to pre-order items.

COMICSONE.COM will release the first volume of Onegei Teacher this January, a comedy about a highschool student, and the strange "alien" woman who is his teacher and neighbor.

ComicsOne's kung fu offering continue with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon #2, Legendary Couple Gn #3, Mega Dragon & Tiger Gn #3, Saint Legend Gn #3 and Storm Riders Gn #10

The violent revenge tale from Sanctuary and Crying Freeman creator Kauo Koike, and Ryoicji Ikegami, Wounded Man will be released in a nine volu,e set for $92.00.


The "cute chicks with guns" comedy action Geobreeders continues with volume 5, "Big Trouble at Tokyo Tower". Volume 4 will be re-released.

Record Of Lodoss War: Deedlit's Tale, the romance centric, shoujo (girl's) take on the classic fantasy tale continue with volume 2, Forest of No Return.


In edition to the second month of week's releases of manga anthology Raijin, and anime/manga anthology Fujin, Gutsoon! will be releasing its first graphic novel collection, Fist Of The North Star: The Master Edition V. 1 Tpb.

In a post-apocalyptic nightmare, one man named Kenshiro protects the innocent with the ultimate fighting style, Hokuto Shinkne. This edition features right-to-left sequencing, original Japanese sound effects, large format pages, brand-new translation, and full-color art.

Fujin Magazine Set (#5-8) [Mature Content

B&W. Features Slam Dunk; Baki the Grappler, Fist of the Blue Sky, Revenge of the Mouflon, Bomber Girl, Guardian Angel Getten, The First President of Japan, City Hunter and more. 212 pp. MR.


IC. Entertainment, formly Studio Ironcat will be releasing the first second issue of their Amerimanga V. 1 #2.

In Hyper Dolls V. 3 Miyu and Maika must decide just how much they should interfere in Earth's battles against crime when they are taken hostage at a bank robbery. Volume 1 will be re-released.

New Vampire Miyu V. 4: The Return Of Miyu Gn will be re-released.

Vampire Yui V. 3 Tpb - B&W. The Past Is Explored, Delving Into Yui's Final Human Memories.

Dark Horse Comics


Astro Boy continues with volume 12.

Makoto Kobashayi's Club , and What's Michael from Super Manga Blast will be available in new collections.

Club 9 will collect the first story of the comedy title about a cute and slightly hazard prone girl from the country who leaves her farm famil, and boyfriend for college in the big city.

What's Michael?: Fat Cat in the City continues the humurous adventures of Japan's favorite fat orange cat.


Blade of the Immortal #75: Fall Frost part 3 (of 6) thhe immortal swordsman Manji, and an allie team up to hunt the sadistic killer Shira, but stumbles into a trio of not-quite capable bounty hunters.

Kenichi Sonoda (Gunsmith Cats)'s Cannon God Exaxxion #13 might feature the creator's must overboard phalic cover illustration to date.

Masamume Shirow fans should look out for Ghost in the Shell 2: Man Machine Interface #4, and the new chapter of Appleseed Hypernote in the Super Manga Blast Anthology #29.


TOKYPOP has re-schedule the first volumes of Invu, Rave, and Shaolin Sisters for this January.

Invu V. 1 Tpb - B&W. (Kang-Won Kim)

When Sey's Mom Leaves Suddenly For Europe, She Leaves Sey With A New Family, The Kangs. Her New Family Seems Normal, But When Her Foster Brother Turns Out To Be A Sister, She Begins To Think That Her New Home Is Weirder Than Her Old One.

Rave V. 1 Tpb

Compared to One Piece, and being marketed as series for Dragon Ball fans, the series follows a boy and his companions trying to stop a demonic invasion.

The Dark Stone

A Magical Stone And Ruler Of The Dark Side - Awakens After A 50-Year Respite And The World Is In Danger. A Sacred Stone Called Rave Is The Only Defense Against The Dark Stone. A Boy Called Haru May Be The World's Single Hope Of Revitalizing Rave.

SHAOLIN SISTERS V. 1 TPB - [of 5] B&W. (Narumi Kakinouchi)

Separated at birth, three Shaolin princesses trained in supernatural and physical combat, must work together to defeat ultimate evil.

Other collections include
  • Cardcaptor Sakura Master Of The Clow V. 3 Tpb - [Of 6]
  • Chobits V. 4 Tpb - [Of 7]
  • Dragon Knights V. 6 Tpb - [Of 17]
  • GTO V. 9 TPB - [of 25]
  • GTO V. 10 TPB - [of 25]
  • Gundam Wing: Last Outpost V. 2 Tpb - [Of 3]
  • Initial D V. 6 Tpb - [Of 20]
  • Love Hina V. 9 Tpb - [Of 14]
  • Lupin Iii V. 2 TPB
  • Marmalade Boy V. 5 Tpb - [Of 8]
  • Mars V. 9 Tpb - [Of 15] B&W.
  • Paradise Kiss V. 4 Tpb - [Of5] B&W.
  • Real Bout High School V. 5 Tpb
  • Skull Man V. 5 Tpb - [Of 7]
  • Wish V. 4 Tpb



Bastard!! V. 3 Tpb

Leaving The Besieged Kingdom Of Metallicana, The Mighty Wizard, Accompanied Only By The Dragon Lars, Finds Himself Under Constant Attack From Arshes Nei's Most Lethal Assassins.

Ceres, Celestial Legend V. 3: Suzumi Tpb

A fellow high school student, Yûki Urakawa, catches Aya's attention when she exhibits supernatural firestarter abilities.

Gundam: The Origin V. 4 Tpb

On a mission to gain information on the Federation's new and powerful Mobile Suit, the Gundam, Char encounters a mysterious person from his past.

Hamtaro, Lets Play! Vol. 3

Full-color games, puzzles, and original Hamtaro picture book stories.

Medabots Vol. 4: Finale (tpb)

Ranma 1/2 Vol. 21

Pantyhose Taro is back and he's looking for Happosai with a bottle of cursed water from the Spring of the Pious Man at Jusenkyo.



ANIMERICA EXTRA V. 6 #2 - B&W. Short Program 2.

The conclusion of 5X4P. Fushigi Yûgi. Grief and Genbu's cave awaits. Video Girl Ai. Natsumi steps in to help Ai, but can anyone stand up to Mai? Steam Detectives. The Steam Detectives' office is in ruins, and who's behind it? Chicago. Rei confronts the man of her nightmares. Revolutionary Girl Utena. Will Utena follow the will of World's End? Marionette Generation. A new doll appears in Izumi's bed. 160 pp.

Bastard!! #14: Empress!! Part 4 - [Of 4]

Dark Schneider and Arshes Nei power up for their most epic magic, called from the Seven Gates of Hell, the devastating particle beam Helloween. 64 pp. MR.

Battle Angel Alita: Last Order Part 1 #5

BIG O PART 3 #3 - [of 4]

Ceres, Celestial Legend Part 4 #4 - [Of 4]

Dragon Ball Part 6 #1 - [Of 8]

Piccolo's army is methodically killing the greatest fighters on Earth, the only threat to their master, and for Goku, it's personal - because Kuririn was the first to go.

Inu-Yasha Part 7 6

Project Arms Part 1 5

Ranma 1/2 Part 11 #11 - [Of 11]

P-Chan and Mousse continue to battle it out with Mint and Lime for the sacred teapot.

Shonen Jump Vol. 1 (Mar 2003) 3

Shaman King. Yoh Asakura is a modern-day shaman, one of the select few able to see spirits and speak to the dead. Naruto finally makes it into full-fledged shinobi school. Dragon Ball Z. Trunks, the traveler from the future, warns Goku and the others about the deadly cyborgs. Yu-Gi-Oh! A false fortuneteller comes to Domino High School. Yu Yu Hakusho. Hanging out in the spirit world, Yusuke and Botan perform good deeds. One Piece. Axe Hand Morgan promises to execute bounty hunter Roronoa Zoro and anyone who aids him. SandLand. Beelzebub, Rao, and Thief find a new means of desert transportation: a tank. 304

Silent Mobius Part 12: Hell 2 of 5

Vagabond 15

While Musashi follows the way of the sword his old friend, Matahachi just can't get rid of his bad habits.

Zoids: Chaotic Century 12 5

November Manga Sales Rankings From Diamond Distributor's Orders For November Releases. Graphic Novels (From Top 50)

Qtyrank Retailrank Guide Description Price Pub
  • 3 6 13.88 Lone Wolf & Cub Vol 28 Falling Tree Tp $9.95 Dar
  • 10 15 4.65 Blade O/T Immortal Beasts Tp (Mr) $14.95 Dar
  • 11 18 4.59 Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Gn #1 $13.95 One
  • 17 27 3.46 Astro Boy Vol 10 Tp $9.95 Dar
  • 28 39 2.38 Lupin Iii Vol 1 Gn $9.99 Tkp
  • 30 46 2.11 Cardcaptor Sakura Master O/T Clow Vol 2 $9.99 Tkp
  • 32 49 1.90 Wish Vol 3 Gn $9.99 Tkp
  • 33 31 1.89 Cannon God Exaxxion Stage 1 Tp (Mr) $15.95 Dar
  • 37 56 1.74 Mars Vol 7 Gn $9.99 Tkp
  • 47 51 1.35 Storm Riders Gn #8 $13.95 One
  • 48 84 1.28 Monsters Inc Vol 1 Gn $7.99 Tkp
  • 50 70 1.26 Spirited Away Vol 5 Tp

    Issues (From Top 300)

    Qty Rank Retail Rank Guide Item No Description Price Pub
    • 92 59 24.24 Sep020058 Ghost I/T Shell 2 Man Machine Interface #2 (Mr) $3.50 Dar
    • 168 122 10.53 Sep022364 Shonen Jump Vol 1 #1 $4.95 Viz
    • 190 191 7.93 Sep020061 Oh My Goddess #92 Traveler (2 Of 5) $2.99 Dar
    • 192 197 7.15 Sep020014 Blade O/T Immortal #73 Fall Frost (1 Of 6) $2.99 Dar
    • 199 200 5.83 Sep021205 Paradigm #3 $3.50 Ima
    • 200 160 5.69 Sep020062 Super Manga Blast #27 (Mr) $5.99 Dar
    • 201 205 5.52 Sep022368 Dragonball Part 5 #6 (Of 7) $2.95 Viz
    • 203 202 5.28 Sep020055 Cannon God Exaxxion Stage 2 (3 Of 5) #11 (Mr) $3.50 Dar
    • 204 207 5.19 Sep022391 Ranma 1/2 Part 11 #9 (Of 11) $2.95 Viz
    • 208 212 4.96 Sep022379 Battle Angel Alita Last Order Part 1 #3 $2.95 Viz
    • 216 229 4.16 Sep022376 All New Tenchi Muyo Part 2 #2 (Of 5) $2.95 Viz
    • 218 231 3.95 Sep022327 Cardcaptor Sakura #34 $2.99 Tkp
    • 219 235 3.63 Sep022384 Inu Yasha Part 7 #4 (Of 8) $2.95 Viz
    • 249 239 2.65 Sep022378 Bastard #12 Empress (2 Of 4) (Mr) $3.95 Viz
    • 250 249 2.63 Sep022381 Ceres Celestial Legend Part 4 #2 (Of 4) $3.50 Viz
    • 266 264 2.08 Sep022380 Big O Part 3 #1 (Of 4) $3.50 Viz
    • 281 307 1.68 Sep022393 Silent Mobius Part 11 Blood #5 (Of 5) $2.95 Viz
    • 290 266 1.43 Sep022402 Vagabond #13 (Mr) $4.95 Viz
    • 295 318 1.38 Sep022390 Project Arms Part 1 #3 (Of 16) $3.25 Viz

    Company Ranks

    Publisher Dollar Share Unit Share

    Dark Horse Comics 4.38% 3.35%

    Viz Communications 1.29% 0.94%

    Tokyopop 0.72% 0.29%

    Comicsone.Com 0.56% 0.14%

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