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Details From Quaato About TOTAL RECALL 2!!

Hey, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab.

This new spy showed up with some news that should be of great interest to TOTAL RECALL fans. And I know you’re out there. I know because I keep bumping into you and having heated conversations about how Verhoeven peaked in America with ROBOCOP and never recovered. Personally, I thought TOTAL RECALL was one of the cheapest-looking expensive movies ever made, and I mourn for what might have been if Arnold hadn’t overshadowed the script’s smarter elements. But still... even I’ve got to admit... this is pretty big news if it’s true. We’ll see how things pan out with this spy, who spoke to me from the shirt of an often-employed character actor...

Greetings fellow geeks,

Long time reader. First time I've ever had something really good to write in about. I can't say who I am. All I can say is that I have a good friend who works for Dimension Films.

There's an article today in Variety by Justin Oppelaar entitled "Harvey beefs up, slims down 'Miramax's '03 slate brings back studio's roots'"

Two of the points that are touched upon are expensive co-financing arrangements and the Dimension Films genre label.

Anyway, it isn't news at this point that we have had the prequel/sequel, tv, and remake rights to TOTAL RECALL for quite some time now.

But, it is news that I can announce a release date of Summer 2004. Arnie back on board to star. Original scribes Ronald Shusett and Gary Goldman penning the script. And the possibility that Paul Verhoeven will return to direct.

Arnold is starring in T3 for production company C2, the heir to Andrew Vajna and Mario Kassar's Carolco. It was thirteen years ago when they were filming the original Total Recall that Carolco bought the rights to THE TERMINATOR with the intentions to make a sequel as another starring vehicle for Arnold.

Now, as many people know, Shusett and Goldman's MINORITY REPORT script evolved from originally being planned as a follow up to Total Recall. But, in the aftermath of Carolco's bankruptcy, studio twentieth century fox decided to buy the rights to the Phillip K. Dick short story and move ahead with the film as a separate entity. This was all happening while Carolco was going bankrupt.

Fast forward several years later. Arnie's career is on the ropes. Verhoeven is yet to rebound from the disaster that was SHOWGIRLS with disappointing grossers STARSHIP TROOPERS and HOLLOW MAN.

Meanwhile, Andy and Mario have regrouped, bought back the rights to The Terminator franchise and wooed Arnie back with a 30 million dollar payday and the prospect of reinvigorating his career. Minority Report, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise, is a critical and commercial success. Paramount is looking to give a greenlight to another Phillip K. Dick inspired story, PAYCHECK, with John Woo and Matt Damon on board.

So, now, Mario and Andy have convinced Arnold to come back for Total Recall 2 as well. A one two punch to follow up T3. And they're negotiating with Dimension to take the reins on the project as well find the financing like they did for T3 with Intermedia, while Miramax stays on board to distribute.

So, Philip K. Dick fans, get ready for another big adaptation. And, Arnold fans, keep smelling that comeback. Hell, King Conan can't be too far off.

Here's hoping there's a Total Recall 2 teaser trailer attached to T3 next summer!

Now, if you kiddies be nice, maybe I'll get you some information about the latest Werewolf film from Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson.


Thanks, man. I heard the other night that KING CONAN may be officially dead at this point, but I refuse to believe that unless I hear it from the lips of Milius himself. For now, let’s pretend that all is well in the world of Arnold, and let’s see how these rumors pan out...

"Moriarty" out.

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