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THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! More on Chicago... what has been shot... and Spider-Cycle' Plus Doc Ock Info!

Hey folks, Harry here... Since yesterday I've received about 8 confirmations that shooting is going on in Chicago regarding THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Quint and Capone are in town, and I've told them both about the ejection seats I've installed for them at BNAT this year if they don't produce or we get lucky... heheheh.... just kidding.... or am I? Muhahahahhahaaaaa.... Anyway, Eddie Brock here has the best report thus far. Here ya go...


This is the first time I've emailed you with news.  I'm a theatre performance major at a performing arts school in downtown Chicago and also a big Spiderman fan.  So naturally when I saw an extras casting notice for Spiderman 2 posted at my school my interest was peaked.

They had an open casting call on Nov. 2, and as recently as last weekend they were filming in the city.  One of my actor friends was an extra, and they were filming on the El train over the weekend.  She had to ride in the train, pretend there was a fight going on (I assume between Spidey and a villain) and react in slow motion.

Then this Monday morning another friend spotted a bunch of trucks clearly marked 'Spiderman 2' parked on Wabash Avenue a couple blocks from our school in the Loop (downtown).  He said they were filming in a building and security guards were posted outside the doors to prevent people like him from getting a peek.

That's all I know, Harry.  Now all I have is questions.  Why Chicago?  I'm not complaining but it just seems odd...

If you post this call me:

Eddie Brock

Oh... and then there's this story about a Spider-Cycle... Not sure how Peter could afford a special motorcycle on a photographer's salary which is being split between college and taking care of his Aunt May? Maybe, Harry loaned him some money and he decided that Spider-Man needed a Motorcycle because, well it'd be cool? Or perhaps this is a special trailer thing? Since they are NOT SHOOTING THE MOVIE YET!

Hey, Harry---  

Probably old news by now, but one of the latest issues of Rolling Stone has a feature on Rock Stars and their Cars (seriously), and they interview Wyclef jean about his wheels.  Apparently, he and a partner own a business that develops custom cars and the like for movie and TV work. (This isn't specifically stated, but that's the impression that I get).  He says that his company has a Spider-cycle that has already been used for Spidey 2.

For what it's me Actionhero.

Harry here again, this time with some info on the realizing of Doc Ock and his 4 mechanical tentacles... Here ya go...

Hello Harry

Just found a copy of the second issue of the new UK movie magazine Widescreen. Inside there's a fairly in-depth interview with SPIDER-MAN Animation Director Anthony LaMolinara and Lead Animator Spencer Cooke. It's a really interesting interview, and there's a few indications of what they're up to concerning AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Is this the first solid confirmation that Doc Ock is actually the main villain in the new movie?

LaMolinara: "What's going to be really difficult in the next film is Doctor Octopus. Making those tentacles look right and look believable in the context of being on that character, that's gong to be very difficult."

And perhaps of more interest:

LaMolinara: "We're working solely on Doctor Octopus right now. Each arm is like a different character and it's a lot of work. We're still developing the intricate process of how it's going to look and move around."

Cook: "There's a tricky balance with that character. He's got four mechanical arms that need to interact with him - they're his servants to some extent - but they also have individual aspects of his personality so we're working on portraying that. Also, from a technical standpoint, we're working on a model that has the animation controls that we need to get the actions. It needs to be something all the animators are comfortable with so they don't get bogged down by technical aspects."

It's a cool interview. Lots of stuff about how from their standpoint as special effects experts, The Matrix wasn't a step forward, and neither was the Phantom Menace. It was Jurassic Park that really was the turning point from their perspective.

Any way, that's about it. Surely of more interest than the Spider-Cycle?


Mr Babbage

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