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From Stan Winston's public statements, filtered through a geek and brought to you regarding TERMINATOR 3

Hey folks, Harry here... From this report, I'm trying to figure something out... The tread-robot... Did Stan Winston build full size working giant Robots? Is that the tread-robot he's talking about? Or is it a new smaller rover robot? I know you're dying to know, I know I am. Hmmm... It'd be really cool to own a giant Stan Winston created tread roving robot! Specially if it could shoot purple laser beams! That'd be the bomb! So here's a question. Will this be a better or worse movie than the next MATRIX? Why?


love the site, just wanted to let you know that i saw stan winston speak in nyc 2 weeks ago. i figured someone would of leaked what he said about t3 but i could not find any of it on your site. So if you know already or if you don't this is what he said. First off he mentioned on how in 3 it will be the first film to feature a real robot on treads. this bot is not an efx he swore it was real. The robot its self is what he called the T-1. it is the prototype of all the other terminators to come. he also mentioned that that the girls weapon is incredible, but did not mention exactly what it was. so that makes it a total of 3 terminators in t-3 i guess if they make a 4th there will be 4 robots.  

thats all i can remember, i do no more about winstons other projects, but if you really want i guess you can email me back.  

see ya  


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