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Peter Jackson Update on KING KONG, HOBBIT, Zombies and more!

Hey folks, Harry here... I love getting an update on the movements of Derek, because Dereks kick ass, unless their from Idaho, then they kinda blow... but even then they blow really well. This latest update isn't particularly filled with thrilling new information. When I last discussed KING KONG with Peter he confided that he had been approached by Universal, that he's definitely interested in doing it, but that he and Fran Walsh would like to shoot one or possibly two smaller films... Palatte cleaners if you would, before moving on to another GIGANTIC project... much less the Eighth Wonder of the World. So that, in effect, confirms the information below. Peter sounded hopeful that Universal would give him that time and not rush off to make it with somebody else. Personally, I think Universal would be foolish to an extreme to attempt the project with anyone, but Peter Jackson. He has the passion, and we can all attest to what he is capable of when he's passionate. As for his Weekend Zombie project.... Droooooooooooool!

Just to let you know, there is an article in the Wellington newspaper The Dominion Post about Peter Jackson's career over the next few years. Nothing new or ground-breaking but it may be of interest. Included in the article:

* Universal is interested in King Kong, but it is unlikely to be made before 2006 as PJ is committed to one or two smaller films before then

* A low budget zombie movie may be on the cards, possibly filmed in weekends (like Bad Taste) while he makes another film

* Uncertainty about the film rights to The Hobbit.

The full article is at Click Here

Trust this is of interest and/or use.

Please call me Kiwi.

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