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Some annoyingly-formatted UPN dope on plans for November sweeps. But wouldn't it have been just a little cooler if that Nov. 6 "Twilight Zone" episode was titled "To Protect and To Serve Man"?

Tuesday, November 5 BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER -- Dawn develops an obsession with a popular high school jock. Buffy tries to intervene with comically disastrous results. Guest stars include Thad Luckinbill ("The Young And The Restless") and a musical performance by The Breeders.

Tuesday, November 12 BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER - Contact from the beyond plays out as Joyce visits Dawn, Buffy has a startling conversation with a vampire and Willow receives a ghostly visitor.

Tuesday, November 19 BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER - A serial killer is on the loose in Sunnydale and when the Scooby gang investigates, they are shocked by the possible suspect's identity. Special performance by Aimee Mann.

Wednesday, November 6 ENTERPRISE -- T'Pol trusts Archer to serve as her conscience when she is dispatched on a top secret mission by the Vulcan High Command to capture a fugitive that has eluded their authorities for nearly two decades.

Wednesday, November 13 ENTERPRISE -- On an alien planet remarkably similar to mid-20th century Earth, Reed and Archer are captured by soldiers who accuse them of being enemy spies, and Trip and Mayweather attempt to rescue them.

Wednesday, November 20 ENTERPRISE - On what seems to be a typical day on Enterprise, the crew's routine tasks become affected by strange obsessions, and if they can't find a way to stop an unseen alien force, their increasingly erratic behavior will put all of their lives in jeopardy.

Wednesday, November 27 ENTERPRISE - After Hoshi uses the transporter for the very first time, she becomes convinced that she's not the same person she was when eerie events begin to occur.

Wednesday, November 6 THE TWILIGHT ZONE -- "Sensuous Cindy" - A man about to be married (Greg Germann, "Ally McBeal") has his faithfulness sorely tested by a virtual-reality vixen (Jaime Pressly, "Not Another Teen Movie"). "To Protect and Serve" - An idealistic young cop (Musical Artist Usher) will stop at nothing to avenge the death of a young call girl.

Wednesday, November 13 THE TWILIGHT ZONE -- "The Chosen" A down and out young man angrily rebuffs two persistent missionaries who may well have the answer to all of his problems. Guest stars: Jake Busey ("Tomcats"), Nick Turturro ("NYPD Blues") "Hunted" - In the not-too-distant future, society comes under attack by a brutal, mysterious enemy. Guest Stars: Scott Bairstow ("Party of Five"), Marisol Nichols ("Resurrection Blvd.")

Wednesday, November 20 THE TWILIGHT ZONE -- "Mr. Motivation" - A regular, honest guy only just getting by receives an eerie talking doll that promises, with a cost, instant success in business and romance. "Sanctuary" - A driven and successful realtor (Elizabeth Berkley) and a high-powered sports agent suddenly find themselves in true paradise. Once there, they must decide if can they put modern life behind them and avoid the ultimate temptation.

Tuesday, November 5 HAUNTED -- Frank crashes his car in the remote back woods and finds aid from a family where the mother and father (Mark Hoppus from Blink 182) are desperately trying to conceal a dark secret from Frank and their own daughter.

Tuesday, November 12 HAUNTED -- The ghostly Simon threatens to hurt Jessica if Frank continues to dig into Simon's life when he was alive. Billie Joe Armstrong (lead singer of the punk rock group Green Day) guest stars.

Tuesday, November 19 HAUNTED -- Frank falls for a female ghost trapped between this world and the next, and in attempting to help her move on, he realizes that he needs to move on with his life.

Tuesday, November 26 HAUNTED -- Frank goes undercover as a mental patient in a psychiatric clinic in search of a missing person and uncovers a mysterious murder.

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