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A No Name Spy Reviews The BATTLE ROYALE DVD!!

Hey, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab.

It is items like this that make a region-free DVD player a must in any film geek’s home. Don’t believe me? Then check this out...

Hey Harry

Great site and all those pleasantries. Just writing in with a brief spoiler note on the GREAT Battle Royale Special Edition.

The DVD is great, comes in a chrome tin with the Battle Royal stamp on it. Extras include a Tarantino Battle Royale trailer, a documentary, Battle Royal Happy Birthday Video (very funny) and lots of other to-good-to-be-true goodies. NO REALLY; TO BLOODY MANY!!!!

But is it worth getting if you already have the original film? YES, because the film has been changed around, a directors cut if you will. Bits added, extended blah blah blah.

Most noticeably is a basketball match that is used through out the film to show how each main character was perceived as a person or acted off the island. This comes together at the end with three Requiems. One is the climax of the basketball game. Another one is the dream with Kitano in (but with sound, explains ALOT!)...... but I'll let you see for your self the rest.

This is the REAL Battle Royale. IT takes nothing from the original but adds to it in a GOOD way. More character and story explanation (I mean an alternate ending YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!)

Anyway, just get it and check it out!!!! Hopefully at the cinema!!!


All the best

No Name Spy

Hey... I’m sold.

"Moriarty" out.

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