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THE TWO TOWERS Trailer in Crappy RealVideo Here! NOW IN QUICKTIME TOO!!!

Hey folks, Harry here.... After you see this blurry sub-human made for AO-HELLERS Real Video trailer I think we will all agree on a few things for a chance.

#1 - This is damn near the greatest trailer I've ever almost seen

#2 - Midnight Tomorrow Can Not Get Here Soon Enough!

#3 - December 18th is an impossibly long time away!

#4 - This is going to so kick FOTR's ass it isn't funny!

#5 - Wargs rule!

#6 - Treebeard has some sexy legs!

#7 - Gandalf falling with Balrog put timber in your member!

#8 - Oliphants! I want a ride!

#9 - Let's watch it Again!

#10 - How many times can you play the trailer till the film is in theaters?

Click here for the greatest trailer ever in Real Video!

Newly Improved Higher Quality Shitty RealVideo Version!!!!

AO-Hell put up a low res 7 meg Quicktime up... still better than the REAL VIDEO SHITE! Click and enter the world of continual erect nipples!!!

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