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Spy Report from the set of... ugh... TOMB RAIDER 2...

Hey folks, Harry here... Now while I think the first TOMB RAIDER flick was one of the most unbearable ass-ripping loads of shit, I've ever seen... That doesn't mean this won't rule all. I mean, my god with a talent like Jan De Bont, it could be... as great as... SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL! Right?!!? Ahem... Ok, I'll cease being a smartass and I'm going to ask you Talk Backers for a favor. I don't like personal attacks on folks for the things they do in their personal lives. I've notice a lot of talk about Angelina Jolie that has come from some of her rather public incidents in her personal life. Could you please discuss TOMB RAIDER, her abilities (or lack there of) as an actress, this director's history, but please leave her personal life out of this. If you do, I promise not to release the Kraken (aka Father Geek) to ban you back to the Stone Age. Here's the report from our buddies at The Z Review... Here ya go....

Hi Harry, Paul here from The Z Review (Click here!), just got sent over a report from the Greece set of Tomb Raider 2.

here you are................

Stelios, a Greek journalist who has been covering the Tomb Raider 2 shoot that has just taken place over on Santorini Island, Greece, sent me over an email earlier about what exactly they were shooting out there. Beware, as there are SPOLIERS that follow in Stelio's report. The report features a little broken English (don't forget Stelios is Greek), most of which I have corrected. Take it away my man......

"First of all the studio people confirmed to us the scene they were shooting in Santorini was the opening scene of the film. It starts with a wide opening shot of the castle where a big wedding reception (100 people were hired for this) is taking place".

"Then come a large earthquake and a big explosion from the volcano (the studio has build an enormous set, probably the interior of the volcano) and an ancient city emerges from under water".

"We sneaked around the location and we were able to see the filming of the jet sky sequence. I must have seen 3-4 stunt men and women doing all kind of dangerous things for 2 days. Those who play Lara Croft were wearing a silver like uniform with black strips. Angelina had to take a lot of takes on the jest ski for her close ups (she fell a lot). As we learned she doesn't like the water filming a lot. She told us "I just swim and that's all!"

"The studio hired the best diving teams and equipment in the island and worked around the clock for 12-15 hours a day filming action scenes. No dialogue scenes were shot because no other actors were there. We learned that those scenes will follow in England at Pinewood Studios".

"One day they hired a big and old fishing boat for a scene where I saw Angelina Jolie for the first time in her full costume with those big guns. She was running and jumping around the boat as she was in danger. That's all I got to see. The next day they were shooting a scene that looked like a boat wreckage. A stunt man was holding underwater a wood board and Angelina was lying on it unconscious".

"Closing I have to add that during her stay is Santorini, she talked to everyone, everyone loved her, she attended a studio partying which local people, saw an edited sequence of the filming and she took a day cruise alone with her son".

"That's all, hope you like it".

Like it we do Stelios, many thanks.


Editor, The Z Review


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