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Annette Kellerman is Alive... a 911 call...

Hey there, Father Geek again, this time with Annette, AICN's very own Water Nymphette and a note she dropped by Geek Headquarters between aquacades...

Just a tidbit:

Hey everyone! Annette Kellerman here with just a bit of info NOT about a film coming soon to a theater near you- but about a PSA before many films coming soon to a theater near you!

As September 11 draws near, many movie fans may be wondering what sort of acknowlegments some of our fine theater chains will make to commemorate the anniversary of those unbelievable events nearly a year ago.

Well, here's your answer. From August 30 to September 11 Regal, United Artists, and Edwards cinemas well screen a public service announcement titled THE UNITED DAY OF SERVICE. Sponsored by the organization Champions of Hope, the announcement aims to inspire American youth to perform an act of community service on September 11 rather than focus on the atrocities of that infamous day. Ha-ha Osama! Visions of planes exploding into buildings and mobs frantically running in the streets will only dominate our MOVIE screens, not our TV screens this year.

Directed by Pakistani-American Hammad H. Zaidi (who also directed BAPTIZED AT LUCKY LUBE reviewed on AICN in 2000), the 30 second PSA will be shown on 5000 screens according to Melissa Helmbrecht, founder of Champions of Hope. That's a lot of screens kids! In addition, 3 more spots directed by Zaidi will air on TV over the next several weeks.

Now you won't have to wonder what the heck you're watching as you patiently wait for your flick to start- you'll already know! Now I'm off to unravel the mystery behind all those damn commercials before the trailers- I thought surely my $5 soda was covering the electricity...

Until then, Annette

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