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Peter Hunt an Editor who defined the style of an entire genre has left the Cutting Room Floor

Father Geek here reporting that British born Director/Editor Peter Hunt has died. Just another one of those names way tooooo far into the end credit roll for most film goers to notice and make note of... but we've ALL made note of his work, dozens of times. He popularized the "CRASH-CUT" editing style that is the very essence of the modern Action film. Everything from this week's mega-hit XXX, to Woo's THE KILLER, to Tobe Hooper's TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE owe a vote of thanks to the paths explored and cleared by Peter Hunt.

He started out as an actor/editor 48 years ago editing THE STRANGER FROM VENUS and acting in TOUCH & GO. Then in 59 he was cutting Orsen Welles'FERRY TO HONG KONG and 1960's fantastic naval action motion picture SINK THE BISMARCK, that year he also appeared in the grade B cult/horror flick THE HANDS OF ORLAC. Lucky for us he discovered his true calling soon after that, and set about changing the look of the action film forever. In so doing he defined for all time the look and feel of the Spy Film genre.

In 62 he edited DR. NO, in 63 he gave us FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, and in 1964 he cut the masterful GOLDFINGER. The next year he pieced together the phantastic IPCRESS FILE and served as the supervising editor on THUNDERBALL. Then in 1967 he filled that position once again on YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE which he also held down the 2nd Unit Director's job on. In 68 he tried a change of pace as a Production Associate on CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG, then leaped from that to full scale directing with 1969's outstanding spy thriller ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE. In less than a decade he managed to change the way we would look at action films once and for all, and his career would switch to directing.

Oh, no doubt they would bare his editing style, directing flicks like THE GREAT GOLD CONSPIRACY, and Charles Bronson & Lee Marvin in DEATH HUNT, and SHOUT AT THE DEVIL with Marvin and Roger Moore, and WILD GEESE 2. Annnnnd he would occasionally go back and cut films like 1980's NIGHT GAMES for Roger Vadim, and 1990's DESPERATE HOURS with Mickey Rourke & Anthony Hopkins... But mostly it was his effect on all those late 60's and early 70's film school students, the ones that noticed his films and what made them work. He influenced a generation of top film makers and we're forever better for it. Ol' Father Geek will miss having Peter Hunt around, but I won't miss what he gave us with his life's work... that will last for all time...

Here's a note I found on my monitor today...

It would be a good thing if you did an article/in memoriam to director/editor Peter Hunt, who passed away on Wednesday at age 77.

He lived in Santa Monica, California. I knew and worked with him in the late '80's. He was the groundbreaking editor of the first five James Bond films, whose jump-cut editing style helped define the Bond films. He was also a director, and helmed the films "Gold" (with Roger Moore & Susannah York), and "On Her Majesties' Secret Service", by far one of the best of the Bond series, and the one film that sticks close to the original Fleming story. He had many devoted fans, some of whom, like myself, had the opportunity to work with this gifted man.

He was a kind and generous teacher/mentor, who would not suffer fools gladly. He also had an appreciation for those who work hard and strive to do their best. Once, when I took notes as he tried to teach me about editing, he ordered, "Stop writing and listen! You will remember!" I will remember Peter Hunt.

Andrew Silver

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