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The Farmer's Son comments on the scoring for THE TWO TOWERS and tells us how the film opens - as of now!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... OH MAN... OH... Not Fair... ARGH! Gollum in the marshes... ACK!!!! TWITCH TWITCH!!! ACK!!!! Man, ya know... I get lucky in life quite a bit. More than I ever deserve. In exactly 7 days from the moment you read this I'll be atop a mountain in China at a Shaolin Temple watching the shooting of Tarantino's latest film, KILL BILL. That's pretty cool. In fact, that's unbelievably fucking awesome beyond words. In fact... I'm totally sated with that being my future reality. But - oh man... They're scoring TWO TOWERS... LIVE!!! ARGH!!! Oh man, that's just... too cool. Well, perhaps I need to beg some god or goddess out there to get me bigger ears and eyes to see with, because... there's so much coolness in this world, even as there is so much badness... I, like most of you, just wish to be at all the cool spots of the world, and right now... Watford Town Hall in the UK is possibly the coolest fucking place on Earth! Here ya go...

Hey Harry.  

A friend of a friend is involved in the recording of the Two Towers soundtrack at Watford Town Hall in the UK. This is a recording location of particular significance, some would say the best orchestral venue in the UK. Simon Rattle, possibly our most famous conductor, refused to record orchestral music anywhere BUT there for years.  

They are doing it reel by reel, syncing the orchestra with the movie. There a monitors dotted around with the film running, and the players have a lot to deal with. Usually, you simply watch the conductor, but in this case, they are using a 'click' track, to exactly match up moments in the film with the playing. This is very hard to deal with, as Howard Shore is conducting at the same time, kind of like having two conflicting directors. There is lots of stopping and starting to deal with, editing the score while you're recording is no easy feat. Mr Jackson has been seen around offering his input.  

My personal query is.... how the hell can you do this stuff knowing that the edit of the film is bound to change between now and the film's release?  

I thought I might name the opening scene for you: Gollum in the marshes!  

I may provide more info as recording continues. I know you want to hear the sessions Harry, but I can't ask for that!  

You can call me 'The Farmer's Son'

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