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The latest on Marvel Comics' Theatrical Rule The World Plans!

Hey folks, Harry here... I'm sure we'll be hearing more from Comic Con - especially with some Marvel Film Panels and Presentations Tomorrow - Quint has interviews lined up with key personel and he has studied the Harriarty Mind Control Technique that I and Moriarty pioneered several years ago at OGs in Las Vegas. Necessity is the mother of invention they say... I always heard it was Frank Zappa...

Hi Harry, I don't have a lot of news, but I thought you'd enjoy this little tidbit...I work at a pretty large advertising agency in Chicago. A friend of mine met with a Marvel rep and was handed Marvels standard portfolio...a few comics, a hand out that shows what's coming out and when for their movies....

They show the Punisher movie coming out in August 2003. Also, a television cartoon Hulk show for sometime in 2003.

The rest of the films that they have planned for release are as follows...2003: Daredevil, X-Men 2, Hulk and The Punisher....2004 and beyond: Spider-Man 2, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, The Invincible Iron Man, and Sgt. Fury (Not Col. Fury..I expect this to be a war era Sgt. Fury).

Also on the Movie front....

They are also re-releasing the first X-Men movie this fall entitled: X-Men 1-1/2.

X-Men 2 will be released May 2nd 2003.

The Daredevil Movie will open February 14th 2003.

Ian the Intern

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