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Hey folks, Harry here... Got the following from Grant Boucher, who is out to set things straight in regards to the CNET piece that Moriarty put up this morning. Thankfully, it clarifies what many in Talk Back already knew, having read the book and suspected about the CNET reporter's leaps in logic in his piece. Also, you'll be needing to wait a few more years than that article led you to believe too. Here ya go...

I also copied Moriarty on this, Harry…

The power of the Internet is that news travels fast. The danger is that misinformation travels equally fast. L

Yes, it is definitely a mistake. We gave the writer of the CNET article a summary of the film (an accurate one) over the phone, which he summarized very, very inaccurately. Rendezvous with Rama will, under no circumstances, be “Starship Troopered”…

If you take the concept that Spaceguard was created after Italy was wiped out by an asteroid (how the book opens) and then cross mutate it with the crew of Endeavor going to explore and determine the purpose of Rama as it approaches the Earth 100 years (again the truth), you might, just might come up with the idea that he presented as fact (without fact-checking, or searching the Internet, etc.). He also said a film due in 2006 will be out next year.

Fact checking for article writers, people. It is not just a good idea…it should be the law.


Grant Boucher

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