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Indiana Jones 4 tidbit

Hey folks, Harry here... Seems USA TODAY talked a bit with Harrison Ford, but frankly... even more interesting was the couple of beans spilt by Frank Darabont over at SciFi.Com in regards to the work he is doing on the screenplay. Ford will indeed be playing the part as an older man, should be interesting...


Saw this in the USA Today and wasn't sure if it was worth your time or not...but I would rather err on the side of caution, so here goes....  

The following is the direct quote about the 4th Indiana Jones movie....word from word out of a USA Today (July 16 LIFE section) article on Harrison Ford.  Talking with Ford about his new movie K-19, of course they would also talk about Indy 4.  Here is what was said (...the link to the article is also listed below...)  

He and Steven Spielberg are cooking up Indiana Jones 4, with a planned release in 2005. But Ford says of the script, "We've only just begun." He adds confidently enough, "We'll get there." He'd like Kate Capshaw and Sean Connery to turn up again. Might Indiana have a son himself? Ford says that's never been discussed.

Although he'll be past 60 when shooting starts, Ford expects this Indiana Jones to be as physical as the others. "It's just running, jumping, falling down. I'll get as sore as I ever did."  


Looks as though everyone's favorite archeologist will be 63 before we seem him in the fedora with bullwhip at his this point is it worth it??  

You can call me southpaw.  

Keep up the great work,  


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