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Paul 'Hack' Anderson to Direct ALIEN VS PREDATOR!

... Harry here... What can I say? The second Paul Anderson walked out of his first pitch meeting on this project, I told you folks. When he was telling folks around him he got the job, I told you folks. And in turn, y'all reacted. You spoke your mind, and I know for a fact that FOX read all those responses in Talk Back. Surely someone at Fox thought about the fans, watched his wretched filmography and spoke out against this decision. Perhaps not. Perhaps FOX, the company set on shutting down unauthorized SIMPSONS and BUFFY sites... I think it is pretty obvious what they think of fan community. They hire one of the absolute shite directors in the genre world to realize one of Genre Fans' dream projects. How you go from talking to James Cameron and John Woo to saying... Hey, let's give Paul "Never made a good movie" Anderson a shot at this. This isn't like New Line trusting Peter Jackson with LORD OF THE RINGS, hell... Peter made great films, low budget and no-budget as they may have been, but his movies were adored with reason. Here you have a filmmaker that makes films that never ever allow story and character to rise above design. He has zero sense about how to tell a story that flows, that moves, that truly involves the audience on any level other that... Huhuhuhuh... That was kinda cool... Moments, tiny moments here and there. He's had GIGANTIC budgets and pissed them away. With SOLDIER he had one of the hands down best genre scripts ever to be greenlit, and he had the right cast and a great DP and he still managed to fuck it all up. This guy has no bright spots in his past, no gleaming pearls of hope. And I have no reasons to hate the man, I'm sure he's quite charming... But his films... Dear God. I mean, look... Here's how I found out that he had been given the job... Read through these...

Hi Harry,

Don't know if you heard about this yet! The fuckers are talking of getting Anderson to fuck this up for them, the titbit they give about script sounds like no A vs. P storyline I've ever read. Bastards, they're all bastards.

Hope it's of use!



Saw this on the UK's teletext page ( cleid=61084)

"Reviving a couple of old horrors Resident Evil's Paul Anderson will direct Fox's long-delayed sci-fi horror Alien Vs Predator. Alien is based on the Sigourney Weaver-starring franchise monster that bleeds acid. Predator is the dreadlocked hunting alien that gave Arnold Schwarzenegger so much grief in Predator (1987). The project has been under discussion for about a decade. Now Fox wants to refresh both ailing franchises. The plot sees a bunch of boffins on a distant planet turned into dinner after genetic experiments on Predator and Alien life forms go awry. The movie will be fashionably rooted in the videogame Aliens Vs Predator. But questions may be raised by fans of the game about the selection of Anderson (pictured) as director. His Resident Evil was panned. This project will parallel the Superman Vs Batman game. "

God save us all.

If you use this, sign me off as "Big Ben - the man with no time for crime"


Paul "Not Fucking Boogie Nights" Anderson's Next Gig

Taken from

Paul Anderson, the man behind the game-based film Resident Evil, will write and direct a film based on the popular Aliens vs. Predator sci-fi action games for 20th Century Fox, according to a report on Variety. The film will be developed by the producers of the Aliens and Predator film series. The story will follow a human scientist who hatches alien eggs on a distant planet in order to attract predators.




Bad news


Sorry guys, but it says on Dark Horizons that Paul Anderson has been confirmed as the director for Aliens vs. Predator.

I weep. You Weep. We all FUCKING WEEP!!

Praying to Dagon that this is one of those things that proves to be false.


The man cannot make good movies, there's something wrong with him down to the DNA.

MooveeBoy out.


Aliens v Predator - SPEAK OUT DAMMIT!


    I've been coming to this site daily since pre-Starship Troopers Incident. I've only written to you a few times, years ago. But....  


  Thank You,  

Martin S



I have never written to u b4, but I am compelled! Paul Anderson cannot get the AVP gig! This guy took Mortal Combat and shagged it from here to oblivion when all he had to do was add substance and a bit of character development, he had Res Evil which should have made an excellent Sci Fi horror flick, I mean for fucks sake a zombie movie? With that Budget? just imagine what Sam Raimi or Peter Jackson could have done with it, not to mention the likes of indie filmmakers from the UK like Shane Meadows or Danny Boyle. This guy has managed to make pigs ear's out of every single silk purse he has been generously handed. He should be locked in straight to video hell where he belongs! What can be done? Save us Harry



Hey Harry,

SPYder, here.

I was surprised I didn't see this on your site this morning. Variety ran a piece about "Alien vs. Predator" today. They've gone and done it... Paul Anderson has been hired to write and direct Avs.P.

Dang it.

Here's an excerpt:

HOLLYWOOD -- Talk about a clash of the titans: Producers John Davis, David Giler, Lawrence Gordon, Walter Hill and Joel Silver have brought aboard "Resident Evil" helmer Paul Anderson to write and direct "Alien vs. Predator" for 20th Century Fox.

Davis, Gordon and Silver come to the project via "Predator," which was released in 1987 and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. Giler and Hill produced the first four installments of the "Alien" franchise.

Like "Resident Evil," however, this film has its roots in a popular videogame. Fox Interactive published "Aliens vs. Predator" in 1999 and released its sequel, "Aliens vs. Predator 2," last year.

Pic is the tale of human scientists on a distant planet who, once again, make the mistake of experimenting on aliens and predators. Story centers on a scientist who foolishly hatches alien eggs to create an environment attractive to predators.

Credits for the U.K.-born Anderson also include "Mortal Kombat," "Event Horizon" and "Soldier." He's repped by ICM.

There's more, but it's just a rundown on the producer's credits.

Could have sworn I heard your bellowing rage as I read this, but maybe I was just projecting my own sense of frustration. This is the guy who made "Resident Evil" using zombies that looked like "Thriller" rejects instead of spending some coin and making them look like they did in the game (you know, all cool and gory and exposed skeletal structure, and lots of decay).

Anyhow, I can only hope that with the number of producers on this thing that they actually can wrangle together some bank and make this thing at least look cool.

If Paul Anderson is reading this, perhaps he will realize that this film is his shot at fan redemption? Probably not. It doesn't matter. They keep hiring him, even after "Event Horizon." As long as you keep getting hired, you probably think you're doing alright.

-- SPYder, out.

P.S. full article is on at: categoryid=13&cs=1


Did you see this?

Paul Anderson??? Why are 20th Century Fox giving Alien V's Predator to the guy that is responsible for Mortal Kombat, Soldier and Resident Evil???

Call me

Duncan Ferguson


Hey Harry,  

Well, looks like über-hack Paul Anderson will direct the big screen adaption of Aliens vs Predator after all. At least, that's what Variety reports:  

 "Talk about a clash of the titans: Producers John Davis, David Giler, Lawrence Gordon, Walter Hill and Joel Silver have brought aboard "Resident Evil" helmer Paul Anderson to write and direct "Alien vs. Predator" for 20th Century Fox. "  

Brilliant, just brilliant.  



That's the instant reaction by fans, the folks that read not just AICN, but EMPIRE, VARIETY, DARK HORIZON, GAMESPOT and that's just the tip of the iceberg. If ever there was a director that cried out for bad TV science-fiction directing gigs, its this guy. It is literally just sickening that this has happened. I don't hold much hope for FOX changing their minds, they'll learn the hard way. They'll pump tens of millions of dollars into this tumor and watch it grow inoperable. They'll bump the release date twice after bad testing. They'll struggle with reshoots, the marketing campaign will kick ass, the film will not have advance critic screenings. The opening weekend will be strong based upon that marketing campaign, but with high 50's to mid 60% drop offs on the second and third weeks.

Well, maybe after these executives all lose their jobs in the next 5 or so years, perhaps the next generation of suits will learn from their mistakes. These things are cyclical. We just have to ride the stupidity on out, and maybe they'll evolve... But then... Cockroaches never evolve... Fucking vermin.

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