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Report on Ang Lee's HULK!

Hey folks, Harry here... I love it when our guys get their hands on the goods right out from under the nose of the highest tech security imaginable. I mean, I heard they had a dedicated spy Sputnik watching the sets round the clock like, and look... even that didn't stop our man Cyrus! That's because Cyrus is the man, THE MAN that knows how to get things, give a listen to the things he got...

Dearest Harry, Mori & Co.

Hey guys, regular reader of the site.

I'm Cyrus, (sometimes known as ScoobyDooku)

My brother and I submitted reports to you from the Downey set of Spidey, which you posted to your site.

I've gotten my grubby little hands on some more super hero themed goodness, and thought i might drop ya a line, as i geeked out when i got it. I found in my possesion a genuine HULK call sheet. The where and why of its capture are less than important, but the contents i'm sure will be of utmost importance to devotees of muscly green-skinned purple panted super types.

The first interesting thing about the call sheet is its dated for Monday, May 9th. I can imagine the excitement on set this day as those in the comic to film world were salivating over the tremendous opening weekend grosses of our favorite wall crawler. All filming for this week was in the Oakland area, Treasure Island, San Francisco.

On call this day were Eric Bana as Bruce Banner, aka the ( I hope they insert an "incredible" in the title)HULK , Jennifer ( I dont wanna sleep with Russel Crowe while hes taking pink pills) Connelly as Betty Ross, Sam ( The dude abides) Elliot as Ross, Nick (kinda strange that the guy from Cannery Row is in the hulk) Nolte as David Banner, and then some guy named Josh Lucas as Talbot.

The first hint of geek coolness is that for stand ins that day, also were required the services of 20 people to be a swat team. "HULK smash puny swat team !" hehe Now the scene descriptions had me worried and excited at the same time. I had already heard about the existence of the infamous "hulk dogs" from the same person i got the call sheet from, and they were well represented here. Three of the scenes all shot at and around the "Fathers house" set, involves "David feeds dogs", "David feeds scarf to dogs", and "Dogs circle nervously" .

Also in the necessary props for the day were dog parts (ewww), meat and vegetables for dogs, Betty's scarf, and three real live dogs. In case your wondering what Dogs eating scarves have to do with the Hulk, well, I'm not quite sure. In case you havent heard these dogs are supposed to be dogs who have similair powers to the HULK, and turn into big green killing machines, and fight the HULK.

I dont know about you, but the only thing that i want to be a "HULK" in my own hulk movie would be the HULk. No Dogs! ah well, they're there. My second problem, which has to do with the first, is this whole messng around with the story deal. The hulk dogs is minor compared to the rumors Ive heard that Bruce Banners father ,the same David who "feeds scarves to the HULK dogs" is also some super powered freak, more specifically, hes supposed to be the Absorbing Man, a minor villain from the old comics, who if memory serves , was not Hulk's father, and that this David Nolte Banner Absorbing SPonge SCarf Dog Feeding creature has someting to do with the Planned creation of the HULK. What!? I hate this kinda messing with the story crap. The whole gamma bomb incident was an accident.

These rumors seem to be confirmed as one of the scene Descriptions taking place in the Joint Tactical Forces Hangar set on treasure Island details David entering and telling Bruce he will be "reborn" . Reborn? come on. Thats just silly. Hulk smash silly Reborn concept! Are they turning this movie into like a teen wolf type family line hulk power movie? Despite all this worrisome business, there is also hints of the coolness im sure we're all expecting which is cool Hulk action.

Several of the ones that tickled my Fancy to be filmed that day and the following week were- " Betty watches the action on the Bay", "Betty watches the F-22 attack" ( whoa . cool. "Hulk smash F-22!" hehe sorry) "Banner held by Electromagnetic ray".

There was also mention of scenes to be filmed in the Sequoias, so some action in the trees is a sure thing.These scenes, along with all the stunt men on call, and the need for swat team extras and weapon props, promises some cool action, but i hope they dont turn the Hulk story into something its not. Heres hoping Ang Lee knows what hes doing.

- Cyrus out.

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