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Wolfgang Petersen's SUPERMAN & BATMAN Film Green To Go'

Hey folks, Harry here... Given SPIDER-MAN's meteoric rise at the box office, the high profile successes of all of Marvel's recent film endeavors, one has to be a tad curious why Warner Brothers has had its Superheroes in Cold Storage. Well 'The Captain' floated to me the following story about a project called ASYLUM - featuring both BATMAN and SUPERMAN... Now in reality, this project is the BATMAN VS SUPERMAN movie being written by Andrew Kevin Walker for Wolfgang Petersen. You can bet that since mid-May that project has been kicked into overdrive. The following is a rumor, and ASYLUM would be the codename for the project, much like LORD OF THE RINGS famed JAMBOREE title. Of course now that it appears here, you can bet it'll become something like LILLARD'S DISDAIN or something. If this film starts filming February 2003, that means they'll probably be aiming to launch this sucker for July 4th, 2004 - that'd be my bet. Let's see if it comes to be...

hey harry,

i work for a _____________ that gets info on upcoming movies straight from studios. apparently a coworker talked with someone at warner bros. today and was told that a green light was given to a movie with the working title "ASYLUM", a film featuring both batman AND superman, which would begin filming in february.

the other part, which i'm hoping is NOT true, is that this project is taking the place of BATMAN: YEAR ONE... but i'm crossing my fingers that they'll both get made in due time.

thought you'd be interested.

--the captain.

Meanwhile... in the world of real life imitating comic books I had the following two notes hit me yesterday. The first is from our buddy at Marvel Comics...


Mutant Found In Kazakhstan?

Hey, True Believer!

You know how they say that truth can be stranger than fiction? Well it looks like that's the case, as the following was reported this weekend in the New York Post in their "Weird But True" column:

"Doctors in Kazakhstan have made a hairy discovery. A team of physicians in the former Soviet republic is baffled after finding a 6-year-old boy covered head-to-toe in apelike hair. The boy, identified only by his first name, Ablay, was discovered in the village of Terymagash, a remote, mountainous hamlet.

Doctors report that Ablay also has 'surprising mobility, flexibility, sociability, a kind of special intuition and a unique sense of direction.'

The doctors believe nuclear radiation or a genetic disorder may be responsible for Ablay's condition."

Sounds like a case for Dr. Henry McCoy and Professor X!

Your Man @ Marvel,

Bill Rosemann

Then the always elegant John Robie sent this...

Captain Cocksucker -

Check this shit out.

John Robie


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