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TWO TOWERS Trailer Online!

Hey folks, Harry here... The TWO TOWERS teaser has appeared online, and this isn't the trailer that I saw. This one is much much better. It still doesn't quite have enough new footage for my tastes, but it is far better cut together, has a much better impact and is very very cool. The new shot of Orthanc and the shot of Legolas and the stairs is aces through and through. Here are the following places online I've found the trailer thus far....

ComingSoon.Net had it first!

Then TheOneRing.Net

Then Movie-List.Com

Now we have Herr-Der-Ringe-Film.De joining the fray!

The French have now put a mirror up at!

If you find any other mirrors, drop me a line and I'll update this list. This movie is gonna kick some serious ass!

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