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Major 24 Spoilers!!

I am – Hercules!!

Did David Palmer become president?


Is Palmer president as the second season unfurls?


Is Jack Bauer consumed solely with avenging his wife’s death?

No. Jack is busy trying to track down a terrorist-controlled nuclear device earmarked for Los Angeles. It might be able to evaporate 100 square miles of Southern California.

You’re not telling us Germans are behind this?

Mamud Rashed Faheen, a member of the Hezhollah, has been planning that day’s attack on Los Angeles for six months. Faheen is also a member of a splinter group called The Second Wave, whose training camps are based in Eastern Iraq.

Is Palmer in Los Angeles or D.C. when this nuclear crisis crops up?

He’s at Washington State’s Hood Canal Pier on a fishing trip with son Kieth. Before the first act is over, however, he’s 200 feet below ground in the war room of the government’s Northwest Regional Operations Complex.

How does the first act end?

With Palmer phoning up the Iraqi ambassador.

Does the second season also begin at midnight?

No. This one starts at 8 a.m.

Is George Mason still working at CTU?


Is Soul-Patch Tony still working at CTU?


Does Soul-Patch Tony shave the soul-patch out of grief for his failed relationship with Nina?

No word on this yet.

Any sign of Kim?

In the first few minutes of the first episode, we see Kim going off with her new friend Megan as Jack looks on.

Cut to the chase! Any sign of superhot nakedness-prone lesbian terrorist Mandy?

Not yet.

Any new characters?

Eric Rayburn, head of the NSA. Jenny Dodge, a Palmer aide. Jenny doesn’t trust Rayburn. Neither does Palmer.

Any other new characters?

We meet the Warner family. Successful businessman Bob and his two grown daughters, Kate and Marie. Marie will be married that evening to Reza, a Middle Eastern man who works for Bob. Reza is jealous of Marie’s ex, who is attending the wedding. Is Reza somehow connected to the terrorist scheme, or is this more of the show’s insidious misdirection?

Thanks to our pal DarkAngelCher for all the hot leads. Visit her supercool Website why doncha?

I am – Hercules!!

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