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CptTrekkie's Alleged look at STAR TREK: NEMESIS!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... If in addition to the fun I'm having with this summer's films... If Paramount has actually made a kick ass STAR TREK movie, I'll be so delighted. I love a good Trek film. Though, this does come from a reviewer that prefers DS9 and 'Enterprise' to the Classic Series, which is just damn near boderline indicator of lead paint ingestion. Here's CptTrekkie...

Hey Harry, CptTrekkie here; (yes, I have "geek" spelled all over me)       

       A friend of mine in Paramount recently lent me a roughcut (and I mean *rough*) of Star Trek: Nemesis.  I just finished watching it, and before I begin my review I'd just like to list some of my favorite films, to give anyone who reads this an idea of my tastes:  Blade Runner, LotR, A.I. (the most underrated film of all time), Star Treks 2, 3, 8, and now 10, Raiders, Empire, and Life is Beautiful.  DS9 is the best Trek series, followed closely by Enterprise (the new show) and Kirk & Co.  Anyhow...

      Once upon a time, it was cool to be a trekkie.  Now, however, Star Trek is generally considered to be too preachy.  First Contact sort of addressed the problem with its higher level of action, but never quite hit the mark.  I'm proud to say though that Nemesis does reach that point, in remarkable fashion. 


       For those that hated the online draft of the script, I must inform you that most of the dumb jokes in that draft ("Is that your final answer?") have been obliterated.  The climax battle has been abbreviated slightly, probably due to budget problems, but it is still easily the longest and most impressive space dogfight of all the Star Trek films, beating the living hell out of 'The Wrath of Khan' finale ... and this was a rough cut. 

       Tom Hardy was excellent as the film's villain Shinzon, and I can easily say that this will be his breakout performance.  For instance, when he's being confronted by Picard via holotransmition during a comma in the climax, you can just see him emotionally tearing apart as Picard tells him what he could be if he was good. 

Patrick Stewart gives his usual charismatic preformance, although coming off a tad bit corny on occasion (this is usually because of a bad line though.)  As far as the lesser stars go, Marina Sirtis (sp?) is too weepy, but the rest of them give solid preformances.

       The plot and pacing are perfect to rescue the franchise from it's stereotype of being slow and talky, though this film might have come too late to change that.  The action is abundant, and there is enough substance to keep the story from becoming brainless.  From what I could tell, the special effects will be eye openers once they are finished, and I hope they aren't ruined by being totally exposed in the trailers and ads, like what happend with First Contact (one could take all the Borg Cube battle footage in its ads, cut/paste them in the correct order, and make the entire battle without a shot missing.) 

       Now for the nits.  While 'Nemesis' on the whole is outstanding (don't let the online draft fool you), it does have some elements which blatantly borrow from other Star Trek films, and even Return of the Jedi.  Picard's attempt to convert Shinzon to, quite litterally, the good side of the force are way too similar to Luke & Vader in Jedi.  The way that the climax is structured is also a bit too similar to The Wrath of Khan, despite being far superior to TWK's already superior action sequence.  Other then that and one or two lame jokes that could still be edited out, 'Nemesis' will likely be a pleasant suprise for most who think it will suck.  This is the Next Generation film we've all been waiting for.  This is the film First Contact never managed to be.  This is the first Star Trek film since #6 that does not look cheap and made for television.  Stuart Baird did an outstanding directing j! ob, far better then I expected from the same man who directed the pedestrian (for lack of a less sophisticated word) Exectutive Decision.   Enough said.

Cpt. Trekkie out.

PS: This is my first contribution to AICN, so sorry if the review is awkward.

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