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As Warners Continues To Lose Its Mind, WONDER TWIN powers Activate!

Hey folks, Harry here... As SPIDER-MAN continues its meteroic rise towards and over $400 million domestic, as Universal readies the awesome might of the incredible HULK, as Fox continues shooting DAREDEVIL and is readying the sequel to their hit X-MEN. As news hits about the awesome potential film adaptations of Grant Morrison's work, as LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN moves forward... Warners decided to call on a pair of characters that truly outshine any and all other superheroes.

Did they come up with GREEN LANTERN or GREEN ARROW? What about CAPTAIN MARVEL (aka SHAZAM) or SPECTRE? Did they go obscure and cool and bring out DOOM PATROL or METAL MEN? What about DEADMAN? No no. Then they must have finally announced smart movement on BATMAN or SUPERMAN or WONDER WOMAN? No... No...

Did they decide to make the greatest superhero film of all time and hire James Cameron to direct KINGDOM COME and finance it at $225 million? No. Oh... ya know... They probably noticed that teen aspect of SPIDER-MAN... Yeah... So they naturally are doing TEEN TITANS right? No. No, they aren't touching that. Well shucks, what are they doing?


That's right the Hanna Barbara characters from the ol SUPER-FRIENDS! Sigh...

That'll easily topple SPIDER-MAN coughbullshitcough... These utterly bland characterless trite gag wonders will surely push WARNER BROTHERS back to the top. Is there really any WONDER why Warner's stock has been toppling 66% this year? I mean, in the last week alone, we've seen MARIA POPPINS and DUKES OF HAZZARD as a pair of projects the studio is developing, now the WONDER TWINS?

Well, hopefully the MATRIX sequels, HARRY POTTER films and Milius' KING CONAN will keep the studio from completely dying of asphyxiation of coolness. At least they have EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS... right?

At least we should be thankful it isn't Wendy, Marvin and WonderDog...

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