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CG muscles in KING CONAN'

Hey folks, Harry here... This really wouldn't surprise me too much if it comes to pass. Right now, ILM is redefining photorealistic musculature and skin on THE HULK. With their work on digital make up that they used in THE MUMMY and THE MUMMY RETURNS, they are no doubt being asked about enhancements to Arnie or another player in KING CONAN, but frankly... it has to be Arnold. At 55, he's more fit than most likely 99% of the people in the world, but given the enormous size he once had, and the awesome physique he had in the original CONAN THE BARBARIAN, which he has changed from... quite a bit, this could be a way for Arnie to play the character from the great age range that the script calls for. Literally 25 to 35 years pass over the course of KING CONAN (at least in the first draft!) and he is supposed to have gone a little soft as King, which is perfect for modern Arnie... but the CONAN in his prime? I could see how they would need to ask about enhancements. I'm sure we'll hear more on this rumor...

Word is, ILM was asked by people tied to King Conan if it is possible to use CGI to enhance the size and definition of muscles on the body. I dont want speculate but it sounds like an aging Arnold is getting a muscle makeover with CGI.

Steve Reeves

I have been informed by a reader that says that Arnold has the exact same measurements that he had in his mid-thirties. But while occupying the same space, do they have the definition they did then? That is what secret agent Steve Reeves was talking about afterall. (BTW - that name was the name i gave the spy, so he wouldn't get in trouble.)

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