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Geniuses at Warner Bros... 'hmmm we'll make Mary Poppins but with Mexicans, we'll call it MARIA POPPINS!!!'

Harry here... Ok, so a couple of weeks ago I unleashed that SNOW AND THE SEVEN SHAOLIN - Hong Kong DISNEY version of SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS....

Welllll, this time, it seems that WARNER BROTHERS is pursuing making MARY POPPINS, but where the babysitting nanny isn't English... but Latino!!!!

Isn't that GENIUS! I mean, SPY KIDS is going good so there is obviously a market for Latino / Spanish flavored family films. They're talking to Alfonso Cuaron for the next HARRY POTTER movie... And let's face it, MARY POPPINS cries out to be remade, I mean.... It is only one of the most perfect children's film entertainments in history, and taking a story about a magical Mexican or Latin American Nanny would just be so different. And that name... MARIA POPPINS! That's just the best!

Ok, so you can't have an English Chimney Sweep, so... I suppose a rascally Mexican gardner type "Clip Clip Clureeeee I clip the leafs and they fall on me!"

I wonder what Michael Eisner and Roy Disney are thinking right about now Lorenzo? Do you think their temples are pounding just a bit? Well the project is being produced by Robert Lawrence and from the pitch I heard it was going to be set in Modern Day Los Angeles. That's so much better than turn of the century London, much more magical. And it is supposed to be like Harry Potter too!

And ... and.... FOLKS???? MARIA POPPINS? That's a fucking idea that is actually pursued? Ok, TOTALLY AWAKE BEAUTY! 2 WOOD FER U - a rap version of Pinnochio! Oh, I know... DOG IN A HAT! It could be a rival production for that big IMAGINE produced thing! Oh yeah!

MARIA POPPINS... sooper... genius... Fire everyone anywhere near this project. Don't let their brains near anything ever again! While you're at it, fire anyone responsible for that shitty WONDER WOMAN film y'all are planning. That makes this MARIA POPPINS thing sound like just a bad idea rather than the status quo brain capacity at the WB!

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